Ruby Roberts
Title: Dr
First Name: Ruby
Surname: Roberts
Position: Research Fellow
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Dr Roberts is an organisational psychologist, specialising in human factors in high hazard environments. Her research focus is on interventions that support on safety and reliability. 

Research Gate

Academic Background

Organisational Psychologist

Dr Roberts PhD examined expert situation awareness within offshore drilling.

Research Interests

She has undertaken human factors and safety research within the oil and gas and healthcare sectors since 2012 and is particularly interested in the cognition of operators who require high level situation awareness and monitoring skills. 

Current Research

Current research focuses on technology innovation and adoption in the oil and gas industry. While market and organisational factors can impact on adoption, it is the psychological barriers that are the strongest and least understood. Individuals, whether workers, managers, investors or regulators, can have a very powerful influence on an organisation’s receptivity to new technology. Understanding how these psychological factors interact with the unique attributes of this industry (e.g. high risk, competitive cultures, insecure employment patterns, volatile prices) is essential to maximise the opportunities for newly developed products as well as the future success of the industry.


Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC)

Professional Memberships

  • Industrial Psychology Research Centre, University of Aberdeen - Associate (2016-present)
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (2013 - present)
  • European Work and Organisational Psychology Association (2014 – present)


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