Prof Peter Reid
Title: Professor
First Name: Peter H
Surname: Reid
Position: Professor
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263927

Duties and Responsibilities

Peter Reid is a Professor of Librarianship and his work covers a wide range of cultural and cultural heritage related topics.  He teaches Library Management, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Tourism and Media History.  He has taught at Robert Gordon University since 1998. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Cultural Heritage
  • North-East Scotland (culture, history and language)
  • Libraries & librarianship
  • Library history
  • Local, family and community

Research Interests

Peter’s research interests cross a wide range of cultural and cultural heritage fields.  He is particularly interested in culture and heritage in the North-East of Scotland.  In particular, his work often examines the work of community-based heritage groups, the potential for local heritage of social media, user engagement and story-telling.  Additionally, he is interested in how heritage can be used as vehicle for economic growth or sustainable regeneration in communities.  In this latter aspect, he was involved in the Heritage Lottery Fund project Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere in Elgin. 

  • His own PhD examined the development of a national heritage strategy for country house libraries and he maintains a strong active interest in historical bibliography and the history of libraries (being, inter alia, the editor of the journal Library and Information History). 
  • The management and quality of public libraries in particular and cultural services in general are also areas of interest.  He developed the quality standards used by Scottish public libraries How good is our public library service? alongside Caroline Whitehead and continues to convene Peer-Assessor Panels for this.
  • Local studies collection in public libraries which he has described as “our other national library” and how digital developments can enhance their work.  This also includes work into the scope, purpose, uniqueness and contribution to local, regional and national identity and collective or cultural memory of local collections. 

In 2018, he led the Little Norway project which told the story of the Norwegian and Danish refugees who came to Scotland during the Second World War and which was awarded a European Year of Cultural Heritage Artist Residency. 

In the same year, he also had a grant from Scottish Library and Information Council for the creation of the Doric Literature Portal which has put online many of the hitherto neglected jewels of Doric writing.  

Research Supervision

Peter is currently principal supervisor for a number of doctoral research students, including one in collaboration with the National Gallery in London as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Collaborative Doctoral Studentship programme.  Additionally, his current supervisions include: Online co-creation and cultural identity in the branding of Scotch whisky, and Artisan provenance and cultural identity in north-east Scotland. 

Peter has supervised several doctorates to completion, including, The Dublin Library Society: associational activity and cultural patriotism in late eighteenth century Dublin,  library education in Iraq, the use of the internet by family historians, the purpose and scope of local studies in UK academic libraries (funded by the AHRC) and the PhD of Professor Sarah Pedersen entitled 'Within their sphere': women correspondents to the Aberdeen Free Press and Daily Journal 1900-1918'

External / Professional Roles

Research and Professional Practice

2018-               Principal Investigator and Project Manager ‘Little Norway: Nordic refugees in Scotland during the Second World War’.  European Year of Cultural Heritage.

2018-               Principal Investigator and Project Manager: Gweed Wirds: Doric Literature Portal (Funded by Scottish Library and Information Council Innovation and Development Fund, £22,327)

2018-               Collaborate Doctoral Programme studentship with National Gallery, London (Funded by ARHC CDP £70,717);

2018-               Member, The Doric Board;

2017-               External Examiner (annual review of Doctoral Students) Department of Information Science, University of Glasgow;

2016-               Patron, (South Range Appeal) heritage advisor (and member of Development Steering Group), Pluscarden Abbey, Moray;

2016                Principal Investigator and Project Leader: evaluative review of ‘Every child a library member’ project (on behalf of Scottish Library and Information Council and Scottish Government, £7,053);

2016-               Editor, Library and Information History and member of Library and Information History Committee (CILIPS);

2015                Chair How good is our public library service Review Panels

2015                Member, Board of Trustees, Scottish Library and Information Council

2015-18           Director, i3 Conference

2014-15           Leader, Review of Public Library Improvement Fund (Scottish Library and Information Council / Scottish Government)

2014                Strategic Priority Leader for Northern Culture and Design (Robert Gordon University)

2013                Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland

2013-14           Leader, Review of Public Library Quality Improvement Matrix (Scottish Library and Information Council / Scottish Government).

2013                Past President, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland and Chair of Board of Trustees (Policy and Resources Committee)

2012-16           Expert Advisor, Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere (Elgin Town Centre Regeneration Project)

2012                President, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland

2012-15           External Examiner, (Library and Information Management) School of Computing, Engineering and Information Science, University of Northumbria

2011-14            Member, Sub Panel 36 (Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management) of 2014 Research Excellence Framework

2011                 External Reviewer (Information Management) Liverpool John Moores University

2011-14            Member, iDocQ, Scottish Information Science Doctoral Colloquium

2011-12            Vice President, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland; Chair of Policy and Resources Committee

2011-14            Charity Trustee, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

2010-14           External Examiner, (Information and Library Studies) Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Strathclyde

2010-               Member, Cross University Executive, Information Science Pathway, Scottish Doctorial Training Centre, Economic and Social Research Council

2010-               Member, Peer Review College, Arts and Humanities Research Council

2010                External Reviewer (Communication and Information) Liverpool John Moores University

2009-12          Member, Board of Contributors, History of Libraries in Scotland, Scottish Centre for the Book, Edinburgh Napier University

2009-              Member, Editorial Board, Library Review

2007-18          Member, Local Organising Committee and Refereeing Panel for i3 conference

2003-13           Member, Executive Committee, Grampian Information


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