Jon Price
First Name: Jon
Surname: Price
Position: Research Student
Telephone: 01224 263731

Research project: Cultural leadership: its roles, processes and implications for cultural development

Start date: October 2012

This research investigates the history of cultural leadership as a concept and its evolving purpose in the field of cultural policy. It takes the UK as a specific focus but also considers models and evidence from Europe and further afield. The work builds on previous research at Gray’s into social, aesthetic and organisational aspects of the “artist as leader”.  It examines the assumptions which informed early models of cultural leadership and sees how changes in the sector since the financial crisis call for a re-examination of approaches and values.  It asks who creates the circumstances in which cultural activities operate, raising questions about the ethical basis of publicly funded arts, the responsibilities of policy makers and the role of artists in society.  The research is based on interviews with key cultural figures, textual and financial analysis of public policy evidence, and a wide-ranging review of relevant historical, critical and philosophical literature.



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