James Philp
Title: Mr
First Name: James
Surname: Philp
Position: Lecturer - Electronic & Electrical Engineering / Research - Instrumentation & Sensors
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 262303

James Philp is a lecturer and researcher with the Robert Gordon University's School of Engineering since 2011. James first started as an undergraduate studying Electronic and Communications Engineering, and got his MEng in 2007. His current research interests include acoustic communications, digital signal processing, multimedia compression and Computer-based Instrumentation.


Conference Papers

James M. Philp, C. Sampath Kannangara, Maja Bystrom, Manuel de-Frutos-López, Iain E. Garden Richardson: Decoder Description Syntax for fully configurable video coding. ICIP 2009: 769-772 Iain E. Garden Richardson, C. Sampath Kannangara, Maja Bystrom, James M. Philp, Manuel de-Frutos-López: Implementing Fully Configurable Video Coding. ICIP 2009: 765-768

Journal Articles

C. Sampath Kannangara, James M. Philp, Iain E. Garden Richardson, Maja Bystrom, Manuel de-Frutos-Lépez: A Syntax for Defining, Communicating, and Implementing Video Decoder Function and Structure. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn. 20(9): 1176-1186 (2010)