Andrei Petrovski
Title: Dr
First Name: Andrei
Surname: Petrovski
Position: Lecturer and Research Degrees Coordinator
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 262788

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lecturer
  • Research Degrees Coordinator

Academic Background

  • PhD in Computer Science: Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, U.K.
  • MSc in Instrumentation Systems: Samara State Technical University, Russian Federation
  • Academic Instructor: CISCO CCNA and CCNA Security

Research Interests


Andrei's primary research interests lie in the field of Computational Intelligence (CI) - particularly, in the application of CI heuristics (such as Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimisation and Estimation of Distribution Algorithms) to single- and multi-objective optimisation problems. He is also interested in developing novel approaches to tuning the performance of CI algorithms so that acceptable solutions to an optimisation problem can be found in real time (esp. online) or on resource-starved platforms (e.g. mobile computing devices).


Andrei has an interest in computer-assisted measurements, virtual instrumentation, and sensor networks. These technologies enable remote monitoring (in particular over the Internet), improve versatility and customisation of instrumentation systems, as well as assist in creating a framework for adding intelligent features to measurement systems (such as sensor fusion, adaptive control of complex dynamic systems, fuzzy diagnostics and control).


Application domains of Andrei’s research include medical informatics, oil and gas industry, defense and cyber security.  Over the past years, he was involved in consultancy and collaborative work with such companies and organisations as Selex ES, Viper Subsea, Expro North Sea Ltd., Kvaerner (Aker Solutions), ODS Petrodata, Aberdeen University, and Foresterhill Hospital.


  • Industrially-related research project sponsored by Selex ES, UK:  Inferential Measurement Systems for Enhanced Situation Awareness (Principal Investigator), £180,000, 2012 - 2014.
  • KTP project with Viper Subsea Technologies Ltd.: Diagnostic Fault Analysis for Subsea Wellhead Control Systems (PI with Prof. J. McCall as a co-investigator), £122,574, 2011 - 2013.
  • KTP project with ODS-Petrodata: Automatic Rig Scheduling using Evolutionary Algorithms (CI with Prof. J. McCall as the principal investigator), £117,578, 2008 - 2011.
  • Scoping study for the National Subsea Research Institute (NSRI), Intelligent Condition Monitoring and Control in the Oil and Gas Industry, £17,520, 2010.  

Professional Memberships

  • BCS, Educational Affiliate Employee
  • Cisco Academic Instructor (in progress)
  • Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB), 2010

External / Professional Roles

  • External Examiner: University of the West of Scotland (UWS) – Computing subject area (2011-15)


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Book chapter(s)

  • McCALL, J., PETROVSKI, A., SHAKYA, S., 2008.  Evolutionary Algorithms for Cancer Chemotherapy Optimization.  In Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics by Fogel D., Corne D., and Pan Y. (Eds.).  IEEE Press, pp. 265-96.  ISBN: 978-0-470-10526-9.
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Selected Journal Article(s)

  • MOUBAYED, N., PETROVSKI A., McCALL J., 2014. D2MOPSO: Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization based on Decomposition and Dominance with Archiving. MIT Press Journals:   Evolutionary Computation, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 47-77. ISBN: 978-3-642-29123-4.  doi:10.1162/EVCO_a_00104.  
  • PETROVSKI A, WILSON A and McCALL J, 2004.  Statistical analysis of genetic algorithms and inference about optimal parameters.  Bulletin of Samara State Technical University (Russia) and the Robert Gordon University (Scotland).  Volume 2, pp. 103-116.  ISBN 5-7964-0504-7.
  • PETROVSKI A, McCALL J., and FORREST E, 1998.  An Application of Genetic Algorithms to Optimisation of Cancer Chemotherapy.  International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 29(3), pp. 377-388, ISSN 0020-739X.

 Selected Conference Paper(s)

  • PETROVSKI, A., RATTADILOK, P., PETROVSKI, S., 2015.  Designing a Context-Aware Cyber Physical System for Detecting Security Threats in Motor Vehicles.  In the Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks (SIN-15), Sochi, Russia, pp. 267-270. ACM 978-1-4503-3453-2/15/09.  doi:10.1145/2799979.2800029.
  • OCHEI L., BASS J., PETROVSKI A., 2015. Taxonomy of Deployment Patterns for Cloud-hosted Applications: A Case Study of Global Software Development (GSD) Tools.  In the Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization, Nice, France, pp. 86-93. ISBN: 978-1-61208-388-9.
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  • BOUCHET, F., PETROVSKI, A., 2014. Adaptive Fault Detection Tool for Real-Time Integrity Monitoring of Subsea Control Systems.  In the proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications, INISTA 2014, Alberobello, Italy, pp. 21-26.  ISBN 978-1-4799-3019-7. doi:10.1109/INISTA.2014.6873592.
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Media Coverage

The outcomes of the KTP project funded by Innovate UK/Technology Strategy Board in collaboration with Viper Subsea Technologies, Ltd received media coverage, exemplified in the articles below: