J Park
Title: Dr
First Name: John
Surname: Park
Position: Visiting Lecturer
Telephone: 01224 263010

Duties and Responsibilities

Visiting Lecturer - teaching Technology Strategy on the Aberdeen Business School MBA Programme.

An Alumnus of Robert Gordon University, John Park has set up the Business Incubator Support initiative. This is a critical component of the University's drive to develop a new generation of enterprising students.

Part of a broader enterprise programme funded by Professor Charles Skene, a long-time champion of entrepreneurship education, this multi level enterprise initiative is designed to support the development of future entrepreneurs and leaders in industry, academia and wider society.

Dr John Park is an experienced industry professional with an in-depth knowledge of the enterprise skills critical in competitive work environments.

John is developing a fully-accredited enterprise module, with tailored delivery for the faculties and featuring case studies and examples of direct relevance to chosen disciplines.

John's career has seen him head up graduate internship programmes in Procter & Gamble and in Pepsi. He also worked in the Charles Skene Centre for Entrepreneurship from 2001 to 2006 teaching and researching technology entrepreneurship.

During his time at the centre John worked in collaboration with many entrepreneurs, an experience that had a major influence on how he approached his subsequent corporate career in Pepsi.

He was promoted to director within 18 months of joining the organisation and made a succession of enterprising contributions. He re-engineered the consumer and technical evaluation of new food products across the entire European region and raised over £2million investment to create a global food forensic laboratory before returning to RGU to lead this exciting new initiative.


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