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First Name: Azmi
Surname: Omar
Position: Research Student
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 262574

Research title: Insourcing a Government Information System: A Case Study in Malaysia

Start date: October 2012

Insourcing, outsourcing, and co-sourcing are the three types of approach for developing a complete information system. Currently, outsourcing is the preferred approach by most organizations whether in the public or private sector.  

The purpose of this research is to explore insourcing and discusses the challenges and barriers that have impeded its implementation in selected government agencies in Malaysia. The paucity of similar projects and limited literature has resulted in this study that considers a post outsourcing context following the decision to insource a major Malaysian Government Information System. Insourcing a government information system can lead to improve decision making, reduce costs and provide better public services to the people and civil servants by continuing to develop and maintain the system. It also could impact significantly on the transformation process where aspects of good governance are yet to be strengthened as well as to explore the dynamics and make a thorough analysis of the existing government information systems in the Malaysian government agencies in a holistic manner.

The novel approach and the ultimate findings of the research hopefully will contribute meaningfully to the body of knowledge and understanding of the subject of government information system development, implementation and its application in improving the quality of service delivery.


Dr. Julian M. Bass

Mr. Peter Lowit

Dr. Mathew Nicho

Academic Background

  • MSc in Data Telecommunications and Network
  • BSc (Hons) in Information Technology


Conference Papers

  • Insourcing a Government Information System: An Analysis using Institutions and the Capability Approach; Omar, A., Bass, J.M., Lowit, P., (2015) International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2015), Technical Co-Sponsored by IEE UK/I Computer Chapter, London, United Kingdom.
  • Insourcing a Government Information System: A Case Study; Omar, A., Bass, J.M., Lowit, P., (2015) 13th International Conference on Social Implications in Developing Countries, Negombo, Sri Lanka.
  • A Grounded Theory of Open Government Data: A Case Study in the UK; Omar, A., Bass, J.M., Lowit, P., (2014) 18th UKAIS International Conference on Information System, Oxford, United Kingdom.