Katie Cooper
First Name: Katie
Surname: Cooper
Position: Research Student
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263886

PhD Thesis Title
The Effective Use of Information in Support of Decision Making in a Business Organisational Context

The research aims to examine the effective use of information (information literacy) in the context of a business organisation and to construct a new model to define information literacy as it relates to decision-making in that context.

The research will examine how people can work with information so that it is of most value to an organisation.  Information literacy provides theoretical models based on enquiry-based learning; one objective of this research is to determine whether these models are applicable in real-life situations outwith educational contexts.  The research seeks to adapt current information literacy models to define what effective use of information in support of decision making looks like and to construct a new model for information literacy in a business organisational context.

A case study is being used as a means of examining how participants use information effectively to inform decision making in a business organisational context.  The case study involves semi-structured in-depth interviews with employees who are involved in decision making activities, both individual and group, within a large organisation in the oil and gas industry.

Principal Supervisor: Professor Dorothy Williams 

Katie is studying for her PhD part time. She is a research assistant at Aberdeen Business School. See her staff profile for information on her role, research interests, projects and publications.