First Name: Aisha
Surname: Momoh
Position: Research Student

PhD Thesis Title
Building a legal regime for counteracting climate change; a comparative analysis of Scottish and Nigerian responses

My PhD thesis centered on developing and examining legal regimes for counteracting climate change, with particular reference to Scotland and Nigeria; it explores the pivotal role of legislation in building climate change mitigation/ adaptation regimes in both countries.

The principal research question being: whether the law can help counteract climate change or fashion a response thereto, bridge any gaps, and make for a more cohesive mitigation/adaptation regime, and on the assumption that it can, how it can. Considering that no efforts to curb climate change solely by reducing emissions in industrialised nations will be successful, the goal is to create a model developing countries can adopt to ensure that as they make advancements towards meeting their development needs; further regression is not made in the battle against climate change.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Sarah Christie

Aisha is studying for her PhD full time.