Jonathon Milne
First Name: Jonathon
Surname: Milne
Position: Communications Officer
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 262389

Jonnie has been a Communications Officer at RGU since September 2016. He is responsible for strategic communications around the university’s expertise in Healthcare, Sport, Culture and Public Policy, while working closely with colleagues on wider stakeholder engagement across all channels.

He began his career reporting on the seismic sector of the oil and gas industry for a leading intelligence company, before joining Police Scotland’s Corporate Communications department in 2014. Over the next 18 months, prior to joining RGU, he acted as the first point of contact for local policing matters in the North East of Scotland.

Outside of work, Jonnie is heavily involved in Aberdeen’s theatre scene and has been a member of Phoenix Theatre for over 20 years. In addition to his on-stage exploits, he is responsible for the company’s digital presence and volunteers as a drama teacher for Phoenix Youth Theatre. Jonnie is also an experienced podcaster, having hosted and taken part in three shows focusing on football, pop culture and horror respectively. His current podcast, Curious Tales (a biweekly podcast featuring solo performances of classic horror and ghost stories), was ranked as #1 in the iTunes Arts charts.

Jonnie holds a first class honours degree in Journalism from RGU. He also has an MA in English from the University of Aberdeen.