First Name: Mazni
Surname: MD Yusof
Position: Research Student
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 266005
ORCID: ORCID Icon 0000-0003-4125-7980

DinfSci Thesis Title
Academic Library’s Value from the University Management Perspective

Academic library has long regarded as the heart of the university and the library had taken for granted this position for decades. But with recent development in higher education sector and the economic downturn academic library is expected to demonstrate its value in supporting the university mission and been frequently asked for accountability. The relationship between academic library and its decisive stakeholder; university management is crucial in order for the library to stay relevant. Explicit library value needs to be effectively communicate to create awareness on library distinguish contributions to the university mission. University management needs to understand the value of an academic library to create a beneficial relationship between them.

The aim of this study is to identify and explore the discourse of academic library value from the perspective of university management through communication between academic library and the university management. This case study will use critical discourse analysis methods and data will be collected using interviews, observation and text analysis. This study will contribute to a better understanding on academic library relationship with the university management.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Roddy Smith

Mazni is studying for her DInfSci full time.