Seonaidh McDonald
Title: Professor
First Name: Seonaidh
Surname: McDonald
Position: Honorary Professor
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263896

Duties and Responsibilities

Seonaidh is a Professor in Aberdeen Business School.

Research Interests

Seonaidh's research interests centre on sustainable consumption practices and are underpinned by qualitative research methods.

Seonaidh has successfully supervised a wide range of doctoral students. Currently she welcomes applications from research students from any disciplinary background with a track record in qualitative research who are hoping to understand a specific aspect of individual sustainable consumption. She is particularly interested in applications which would require supervision drawn from more than one School within RGU.


Seonaidh has had previous research projects funded by a wide range of sources including ESRC, Unilever, CiCStart, Energy Saving Trust, Scottish & Southern Energy and the Nuffield Foundation. Her current research project, funded by the Marketing Trust, investigates how individuals initiate sustainable lifestyles. This work is in collaboration with colleagues from Sheffield and Cork.


Full texts of many of these pieces are available from OpenAir

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Recent publications in the Sustainability area include:

McDonald, S., Oates, C.J. and Alevizou, P.J. (2016) No Through Road: A critical examination of researcher assumptions and approaches to researching sustainability. In Volume 13 of the Emerald Review of Marketing Research Series: Varey, R.J. and Malhotra, N. (Eds) Marketing in and for a Sustainable Society. (Chapter 5 pp139-168).

McDonald, S., Oates, C.J., Thyne, M.A., Timmis, A.J., and Carlisle, C. (2015) Flying in the face of environmental concern: Why green consumers continue to fly, Special Issue of Journal of Marketing Management on Sustainable Consumption: Activism, Innovation and Brands 31(13-14) 1503-1528.

Brown, M.L, McDonald, S and Smith, F. (2013) Jungian Archetypes and Dreams of Social Enterprise, Journal of Organizational Change Management special issue on Dreams and the Organization. 26(4) 670-688.

McDonald, S., Oates, C.J., Alevizou, P.J., Young, C.W., and Hwang, K., (2012) Individual Strategies for Sustainable Consumption. special issue of Journal of Marketing Management on Re-Visiting Contemporary Issues in Green/Ethical Marketing 28(3-4) 445-468.

Young, C.W., Hwang, K., McDonald, S., and Oates, C.J. (2010) Sustainable Consumption: Green consumer behaviour when purchasing products. Sustainable Development Journal 18(1) 20-31.

Recent publications in the Research Methods area include:

McDonald, S., Gan, B.C., Fraser, S., Oke, A. and Anderson, A.R. (2015) A Review of Research Methods in Entrepreneurship 1985-2013, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research. 21(3) 291-315.

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