SASS Claire Marsden
First Name: Claire
Surname: Marsden
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: 01224 263373


  • SS1004: Social Work Values, Roles and Tasks
  • SS2002: Human Growth and Behaviour
  • SS2004: Social Work Methods
  • SS2027: Social Work with People with Substance Problems
  • SSM101: Professional Ethics
  • SS4005: Comparative Health and Social work
  • Year 3 Tutor for BA (Hons) Social Work

Research Interests

Claire is currently undertaking a PhD on children's disclosure of parental substance misuse. Her research interests include:

  • Working with children affected by parental substance misuse
  • Effective interventions in working with individuals with substance problems
  • Cultural Transitions
  • Anti-discriminatory practice
  • Evidence–based Practice

Most recent project:

Multi–Ethnic Recovery Equality Project (2011): Research conducted on behalf of the Scottish Government to examine the needs of black and ethnic minorities regarding drug and alcohol service provision in Aberdeen City. Drugs Action, Aberdeen / The Scottish Government.


Multi–Ethnic Recovery Project Report, 2011 – forthcoming.

Anderson, A. & Miller, C., 2003. Class Matters: Human and Social Capital in the Entrepreneurial Process. Journal of Socio – Economics, vol. 32, issue 1, pages 17-36.