Joseph Mante
Title: Dr
First Name: Joseph
Surname: Mante
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44(0)1224 263447

Duties and Responsibilities

Dr Mante lectures in a number of subjects at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels including International Construction Contracts, Tort/Delict, Arbitration Law and Commercial Law (Purchasing Principles). 

Academic Background

Before joining the Law School, Joseph had eight years’ legal practice experience in Ghana handling a diverse litigation caseload in the area of commercial, aviation and property law. He was a researcher for the Constitutional Review Commission, Ghana. He also has several years’ experience in lecturing at the higher education level.

 Joseph was awarded a Bachelor of Law degree in 1999 and was called to the Ghana Bar in 2001. He holds a Masters Degree in Law from the University of Ghana and a PhD from the University of Wolverhampton.

Research Interests

Joseph’s research interests are in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, particularly in the areas of International Arbitration, Construction Adjudication (including DABs), Procurement Law and International Construction Contracts.

PhD Supervision

He is interested in supervising on all areas within his research interests, but particularly interested in applications in the following topic areas: 

  • The role of good faith in construction law in uncertain times.
  • The impact of relational contracting on effective project delivery
  • Public procurement and project funding: the role of third party funders in international construction
  • Corruption in international construction: the need for accountability and transparency
  • Conceptual issues in contract law and contract interpretation
  • Issues relating to adhesion contracts in construction law
  • Examination of the impact of dispute avoidance strategies on public procurement of infrastructure in developing countries
  • Developing dispute resolution strategies for small and medium-sized construction projects in developing countries
  • Adjudication in developing countries: the panacea to construction dispute resolution?
  • Issues in Alternative dispute resolution, access to justice and the rule of law

Joseph is currently principal supervisor for the following doctoral research student – Bamikole Aduloju.



Mante, J. and I. Ndekugri ‘Arbitrability in the Context of Ghana's New Arbitration Law’ (2012) International Arbitration Law Review, 15(2), pp.31-41

Mante, J. ‘Of the Authority without authority: The institutional framework of the Free Zone programme in Ghana’ (2008-2010) University of Ghana Law Journal, XXIV, p.272.

Book Chapter

Nii Ankrah, Joseph Mante and Issaka Ndekugri, ’The challenges of infrastructure procurement in emerging economies and implications for economic development: case study of Ghana’ in R. Abdulai, F. Obeng-Odoom, E. Ochieng, V. Maliene (Eds) Real Estate, Construction and Economic Development in Emerging Market Economies (Routledge,2015)  

Conference Papers

Mante J. ‘Resolving infrastructure-related construction disputes in developing countries: The Ghana experience’. In: Raiden, A (Ed.) and Aboagye-Nimo, E (Ed.), Proceedings 31st Annual ARCOM Conference, 7-9 September 2015, Lincoln, UK. Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 73-82.

Mante J. ‘Arbitrability and public policy: An African Perspective’ (Society of Legal Scholars Conference, York, September 2015) [Received nomination for Best Paper Award]

Mante J, Ndekugri I, Ankrah N, ‘The Influence of Procurement Methods on Dispute Resolution Mechanism Choice in Construction’ In: Smith, S.D (Ed) Proceedings 28th Annual ARCOM Conference, 3-5 September 2012, Edinburgh, UK, Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 979-988

Mante J, Ndekugri I, Ankrah N, Hammond F. ‘Resolution of disputes arising from major infrastructure projects in developing countries’ In RICS Construction and Property Conference School of Built Environment, Salford 12 -13 September, 2011