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First Name: Favour
Surname: Makinde
Position: Research Student
Telephone: 01224262310

Research title: Horizontal Well Production Optimization Using Analytical Approach

Start date: October 2012

Drilling horizontal wells compared to the conventional vertical wells is indeed expensive. However, optimum production from certain formations (like CBM, tight oil and gas and shale oil and gas formations) is made possible, apart from other benefits, by drilling horizontal wells. Notwithstanding, to maximize their return on investment, production from these expensive horizontal wells needs be optimized.

Therefore, the project is focused on optimizing production from horizontal wells through a set of analytical models that will be developed. The results from these analytical models will be validated with both field data and the results from appropriate commercial simulators used in the industry.


Prof. Babs Oyeneyin (principal supervisor)

Dr. Gbenga Oluyemi


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