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Title: Dr
First Name: Emma
Surname: MacIver
Position: Research Fellow
Telephone: 01224 262628

Emma is a qualitative researcher with a range of interests including caring and young caring, maternity-related research and most recently, food insecurity and involved in all stages of the research process and academic writing. 

Emma’s professional background is in social work and in this capacity, she worked for several years, predominantly supporting unpaid carers and young carers. This later sparked her research interest in young carers, an area she pursued in her Ph.D. studies. Following completion of her Ph.D., Emma worked as a lecturer in the School of Applied Social Studies at RGU, teaching across both undergraduate and postgraduate social work programmes.

Duties and Responsibilities

Emma conducts qualitative research exploring people’s lived experiences across a range of contexts including: caring and young caring; users of maternity services; and food insecurity.

Presently Emma is engaged in an NHS-funded Grampian Endowment project, looking-at the experiences and views of midwives, health visitors and parents around the introduction of the new Financial Inclusion Pathway.

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Social Work (RGU: 2006)
  • BA (Hons) Applied Social Studies with Diploma in Social Work (RGU: 2000)

Research Interests

Emma’s original area of research interest was young carers – and specifically, the impacts experienced by young carers across a range of domains. This interest developed from working with adult and young carers in a social work context.

More recently, Emma has been involved in maternity-related research, specifically post-birth care planning and for the last two years has been heavily involved in several studies looking at impacts and experiences of food insecurity.  

Current Research

Emma is currently engaged in: a systematic review of the impacts of food insecurity on diabetes self-management; an evaluation of a nursing development programme and a study looking-at parenting on a low income and the introduction of a new Financial Inclusion Pathway.


DOUGLAS, F., MACIVER, E. and YUILL, C., 2020. A qualitative investigation of lived experiences of long-term health condition management with people who are food insecure. BMC Public Health, 20(1).

CROWTHER, S., LAU, A. and MACIVER, E., 2019. Developing and introducing a post birth care plan (PBCP): An action research project, Midwifery 82:102616.

CROWTHER, S., MACIVER, E. and LAU, A., 2019. Policy, evidence and practice for post-birth care plans: A scoping review. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 19(1).

Teaching Interests

Previously, Emma taught across a number of social work programmes in the School of Applied Social Studies, RGU, with special interest in social policy and research methods.