Carole Lyons
First Name: Carole
Surname: Lyons
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263407

Duties and Responsibilities

Carole is a solicitor and a lecturer in law with teaching interests and related  responsibilities in the area of European Union Law. She co-ordinates and teaches a number of EU Law modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Research Interests

Carole has several published pieces in the areas of EU public law, EU Citizenship and EU Human Rights Law. Her current research is located at the intersection of European Union Law, European Human Rights Law and the legacy of war and national socialism within the European legal order, broadly defined.  This research is allied to the emergent area of transitional justice in Europe/European law. Her work explores the complex relationships between post national law, justice and citizenship and the historical dimension of European integration. The research has at its core an analysis of how the European past impacts upon the development of post statal entities, human rights and citizenship.

PhD Supervision

She is interested in supervising on all areas within her research interests, but particularly interested in applications in the following topic areas:

  • Brexit: all legal aspects especially role of the Courts (UK and European) in relation to Brexit
  • The EU Migration Crisis: especially migration crisis case law, before the CJEU and the ECtHR
  • The ECtHR and the legacy of WW 2 / the Holocaust
  • Transitional Justice in Europe/Transitional Justice and European Courts
  • EU Citizenship law
  • EU Human Rights law; The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU
  • EU Law including EU Law and Preliminary References (Art 267 TFEU) and The Rule of Law in the EU (and Art 7 TEU)



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Articles and Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

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Conference Papers & Seminars (selected) 
September 2008, UACES Conference, Exchanging Ideas on Europe, Edinburgh, 1-3rd September 2008, "Behind the monument; history and human rights": This paper examined the way in which the memory and experience of war in Europe is dealt with by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. 

July 2003, ‘The (de)meaning of Citizenship; citizenship in the EU legal and political communities' presented at the Hague Joint Conference on Contemporary Issues of International Law, 3-5 July 2003. 

May 2002, paper presentation at ‘Law and Disorganised Civil Society: the framing of post-national political movements in the context of global economic governance' at European University Institute (EUI), Florence. 

December 2000, Europa Instituut, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, paper presentation in ‘Ten Years after Maastricht: a fresh look at the Legal Structure of the European Union'. 

May 2000, Organiser of and participant in Conference on Convergence and Divergence in European Public Law, University of Aberdeen. 

April 2000, European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Participant in workshop on The Constitutional Relationship between the EU and the WTO. 

June 1999, European Communities Studies Association International Conference, University of Pittsburgh, USA, paper presentation on ‘Flexibility after Amsterdam'. 

April 1999, Symposium on Closer Co-operation under the Amsterdam Treaty, European University Institute (EUI), Florence, paper presentation on closer co-operation in EU law.

December 1997 - 'The Amsterdam Treaty and Enlargement', Guest lecture, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland. 

June 1997 - 'EU Citizenship', Conference paper presentation, European Communities Studies Association (ECSA) Annual Conference, University of Washington, Seattle.

January 1995 - 1999 - participation in "The European Union and Legal Theory", ESRC Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Edinburgh University.

May 1996 - Session convenor (Chef de File) and Rapporteur, Jean Monnet Project, IGC Conference, Brussels.

November 1995 - May 1996 - Session convenor and consultant, Jean Monnet IGC, Project, European Commission, Brussels.

September 1995, Conference paper, Critical Legal Studies Conference, Edinburgh University.

September 1995, Conference Paper, UACES Annual Research Conference, Birmingham University.

September 1994, Conference Paper, Symposium on Discrimination, University of Essex.