Errol S. Luders
Title: Dr
First Name: Errol S.
Surname: Luders
Position: Online Learning Developer
Telephone: +44(0)1224 262808

Research/Scholarship interests:

  • Enhancing teaching, learning and assessment through utilisation of learning technologies
  • Use of virtual hospital for interactive learning experience of learners
  • Use of Microsites to promote learner success, engagement and effective communication
  • Free Resources to Support Inclusion in Further Education


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RGU Learning and Teaching Conference 2021, I co-presented “Fundamental Wound & Skin Care: A competency framework”, Dr KATRINA WHITTINGHAM, Dr ERROL S. LUDERS, PATSY GRANT, SANDRA STRINGFELLOW, and FIONA RUSSELL. Available from: .

KESKIN, R., LUDERS, S., and TOPAÇ, A. (2021). Predictive Factors of Employees Satisfaction in Telecommunication Call Centre Sector in Turkey: A Case Study with Structural Equation Model. Do?u? Üniversitesi Dergisi, 22(2), 151-165. doi:

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