Jose Lloret Perez Profile
First Name: Jose
Surname: Lloret Perez
Position: KTP Associate

Research Title: Functional model for electronic questionnaires

Start date: January 2013

Surveys are the systematic collection of information from individuals or organizations to address research and business objectives. Computer-Assisted Interviewing (CAI) is a methodology that allows the design, analysis and processing of surveys using computers. The questionnaires, one of survey instruments, correspond to structured interviews and it is possible to have thousands of questions where the
presence of routing structures to filter questions become a requirement. Representation of questionnaires has to address two key challenges: exchangeability among platforms as well as coverage of static and dynamic questionnaire constructs.
Due to inability to or only partial coverage of dynamic questionnaire constructs, the presence of following research questions arises: What level of coverage may be provided by an Extensible Markup Language (XML) based representation of questionnaires? and What model allows the representation of both the static and dynamic processing of questionnaires given an XML instance?


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