Thorsten Lauterbach
First Name: Thorsten
Surname: Lauterbach
Position: Teaching Fellow
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263410
Linkedin: LinkedIn Icon

Duties and Responsibilities

Thorsten has fulfilled the role of Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator (Postgraduate) since 2008. This has enabled him to contribute to teaching, learning and assessment developments through participating at conferences (HEA, UKCLE) across the UK, as well as a number of key institutional and faculty committees, programme validation and review events. Thorsten was awarded the title of Teaching Fellow in May 2012. He chairs the departmental Teaching & Learning Committee.

Until 2011 he acted as course leader for the MSc/LLM International Trade, LLM International Commercial Law and LLM International IT Law courses. At postgraduate level, he supervises master's dissertations and teaches Intellectual Property Law. His undergraduate teaching commitments include Law of Contract, Consumer Law, Media Law and Intellectual Property Law. Supervision of undergraduate dissertations is also part of his teaching activities.

Having benefited from EU exchange opportunities as a student, Thorsten holds a keen interest in participating in teaching exchanges with current partner institutions.

Academic Background

Thorsten Lauterbach joined the Law School as a Lecturer in September 2004 and he is now a Teaching Fellow. Prior to joining RGU, he worked as Lecturer at The University of the West of Scotland (then Paisley) for five years. Thorsten holds a BA (Hons) European Business Law (Abertay Dundee) and an LL.M. by research (Aberdeen).

Research Interests

While Thorsten undertakes regular scholarly activities in all fields of his teaching schedule in order to maintain a high level of currency and expertise within those disciplines, his main research interests concern EU Constitutional Law and Intellectual Property Law. Within the former, further EU integration by means of treaties and the effective enforcement of judgments handed down by the Court of Justice of the EU are areas he finds particularly exciting. 

In addition, Thorsten contributes regularly to IP/Copyright Law-related blogs, e.g. The IPKat, as well as acting as reviewer/editor for specific journals. While he had a function editing submissions to the Journal of International Trade Law & Policy until 2010, he is currently a member of the editing team of SCRIPTed (an online journal of Law, Technology & Society). Thorsten also edits contributions to the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice.

Thorsten contributes regularly to IP/Copyright Law-related blogs, e.g. The IPKat, as well as acting as reviewer/editor for specific journals. While he had a function editing submissions to the Journal of International Trade Law & Policy until 2010, he is currently editing contributions to the Journal of Intellectual Property Law Practice and The Law Teacher.

Professional Memberships

  • Higher Education Academy (Fellow)
  • eAssessment Association
  • European Intellectual Property Teachers’ Network
  • Association of Law Teachers
  • Society of Legal Scholars
  • Society for Computers and Law (incl. the specific Scottish branch)
  • British German Jurists Association
  • Deutsch-Schottische Juristenvereinigung e.V.


Book chapters

Lauterbach, T. (2009) “Intellectual Property” in: MacFadzean (ed), Introduction to Law and Legal Obligations, 2nd ed., Dundee University Press, Dundee

Refereed articles

Lauterbach, T. (2013) “Copyright law trumps free movement of unlawfully distributed goods” Journal of Intellectual Property & Practice, 8(1), 13-15

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Professional articles and reports

Lauterbach, T. (2010) “Copyright Law: Architect’s right of integrity railroaded?” TICCH Bulletin, 50, 6-7.

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Conferences & Workshops

Lauterbach, T.  “The position of non-dominant joint authors in copyright law”, Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Annual Conference, Edinburgh, September 2013

Lauterbach, T. (2013) “Assessing contributions made by joint authors”, PhD Law Students’ Colloquium, University of Dundee, April 2013

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Lauterbach, T. “The measuring of contributions of wannabe joint authors in copyright law - has the onion been peeled too far to the detriment of non-dominant collaborators?”, Postgraduate Law Student Colloquium, Trinity College Dublin, February 2011

Lauterbach, T. “Of pleasure and pain: Teaching Intellectual Property Law to a multinational postgraduate cohort”, Third Annual Workshop, EIPTN, Queen Mary University of London, July 2009

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