First Name: Patrice
Surname: Landry
Position: Research Student

DInfSc Thesis Title
Measuring Success: Strategic Planning and Management in National Libraries

National libraries differentiate themselves from public and academic libraries as well as special libraries because contrary to the other types of libraries, national libraries do not have a readily defined community of users on which the impact and value of their services can be measured. For more than 40 years public and academic libraries have been conducting studies to assess their performance and their services thus providing a rich and varied documentation on these issues. It is only recently that some national libraries have started to conduct systematic assessment of their output.  An initial literature review has shown that there is presently a lack of studies on national libraries’ impact assessment and only limited impact studies conducted by or for national libraries.

The aim of this research project is to undertake an investigation into best practice in the conduct of systematic performance and outcome assessment of national libraries. To properly measure the outcomes of national libraries’ output, outcome measures specifically tailored to national libraries will need to be investigated with the aim of developing an assessment framework.

Principal Supervisor: Peter Reid

Patrice is studying for his DInfSci part time.