Audrey Laing
Title: Dr
First Name: Audrey
Surname: Laing
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263242
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Duties and Responsibilities

I am a lecturer in the School of Creative and Cultural Business

I currently teach Creative Industries Theory and Practice, Consumer Psychology and Communication Principles and Practice. I also supervise at Masters and PhD level. I am Stage 3 tutor (Head of Year) for BA Media, BA PR and BA Journalism students.

I have previously contributed to teaching on Research Methods, Media Business, Media Strategy and Women in the Media.

Academic Background

My undergraduate degree was in Music and English Literature at the University of Aberdeen. Following graduation, I worked for several years in the book trade before I returned to university (RGU) where I undertook my doctoral studies. I worked as a research assistant on a variety of projects before becoming a lecturer.

Research Interests

Bookshops and bookselling

Book browsing

Third place

People and technology 

Audrey’s PhD thesis was entitled Bookselling culture and consumer behaviour:  Marketing strategies and responses, in traditional and online environments. The thesis formed the foundation for ongoing research and interest around the book trade and how consumers experience and respond to the bookshop environment, both bricks and mortar, and online.

Her broader research interests are focused upon how people interact with technology. Recently, she has undertaken research into digital marketing in the PR and advertising industry, examining skills gaps, barriers to technology adoption, and developing a model of the ‘perfect ‘ digital marketer. Another recent project examined how authors use social media and found its most significant impact was as a conduit for the development of a knowledge community.

Audrey has previously undertaken research in the areas of waste disposal representation on children’s television; benchmarking of information management in the oil and gas industry; approaches to health and safety in the oil and gas industry, and rural crime.

Professional Memberships

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Member of the Bibliographic Society

External / Professional Roles

I am a reviewer for:

International Journal of Information Technology and Management (IJITM)

Journal of Consumer and Retail Services 


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Working Papers

Muir, L. J., Cousins, F., and Laing, A., 2013. Benchmarking information management services in the oil and gas sector. Aberdeen Business School Working Paper Series, WP/1/13. Aberdeen: RGU. ISSN:1753-6766 (print), ISSN: 1753-6774 (online)

Book Chapters

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PhD Students Supervision

Akinyemi Paul OmogeThe direct and mediated effects of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system usage as service delivery channels on consumer buying behaviour. An appraisal of the context of the Nigerian Banking Industry (completed, 2016).

I was Principal Supervisor of Paul’s thesis, in a team with Professor Ken Russell and Dr Evagelos Korobilis-Magas, following the retirement of Prof. Bill Donaldson.

Justina SetkuteIn Search of Digital Marketing Success: Critical Success Factors of Digital Marketing Communication Strategies for Oil and Gas B2B SMEs (completed 2018).

I was a member of Justina’s supervisory team, along with Professor Sarah Pedersen (Principal Supervisor) and Dr Simone Kurtzke. 

Michelle Lawrie: National Identity and Media Representation of Immigrants in Denmark and Britain (completed 2019).

Following the departure of my colleagues Dr. Robert Halsall and Dr. Nicola Furrie, I joined Michelle’s team, working with the Principal Supervisor, Dr Fiona Smith.

Julia Seiler: Working in a team with my colleagues Prof. Sarah Pedersen and Dr. Pauline Bremner, I am Principal Supervisor of Julia’s research.