Ismail Labed Profile
First Name: Ismail
Surname: Labed
Position: Research Student
Telephone: 01224 232610

Research title: Gas-Condensate Flow Modelling in Near Wellbore Area for Shale Gas Reservoirs

Start date: October 2012

Gas reservoirs are considered an engineering challenge where the production can decline rapidly due to the liquid condensation around the well creating a sort of dynamic choke and a production loss of the valuable liquid phase. In shale gas reservoirs, the condensate banking is more pronounced due to the extreme low permeability which ranges in nano-Darcies. Another challenge of these reservoirs is that gas transport is controlled by specific mechanisms where the conventional Darcy law breaks down and the fluid properties under confinement deviate from the bulk properties.

The research project aims to describe the gas and gas/condensate flow in shale rocks and to model the liquid build-up in function of fluid properties, rock properties and pressure. In order to describe multiphase flow, a relative permeability model will be developed under slip, transition and free molecular flows conditions. The impact of fluid properties deviation (critical pressure and temperature, interfacial tension and viscosity) on the liquid build-up will be investigated by modelling the phase behaviour in shale rocks.


Prof Babs Oyeneyin

Dr Gbenga Oluyemi