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Title: Professor
First Name: Angela
Surname: Kydd
Position: Clinical Professor in Nursing
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 262895
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ORCID: ORCID Icon 000-0002-6036-1639

Angela’s RGU responsibilities include PHd and Masters supervision and contributing to the Masters research module. She is a member of the School’s Research Committee. She leads the UK part of a H2020 EuroAgeism project and is a member of the CSO funded research project on the experiences of students as health care assistants during the start of the pandemic. She is editor of a COVID-19 newsletter for RGU and NHSG staff and leads the Ageing Research Network at RGU.

Angela’s NHSG responsibilities include co-chairing the North of Scotland Centre for NMAHP Research (NoSCAR), leading research seminars for clinical staff, providing academic support for PhD and Masters students who work at NHSG. Member of the research strategy group and research recovery group. She also supports the work of Magnet. support

Duties and Responsibilities

UK lead for Horizon 2020 Ageism prPhD and MSC Supervision

Academic Background

Angela trained as a Registered General Nurse, Registered Mental Health Nurse and Clinical Teacher.  Her passion for gerontological nursing led her to undertake a Masters Degree in Gerontology and she worked in gerontological nursing environments. She moved to academic life at The University of the West of Scotland (UWS). She set up a Gerontology Interest Group for academics, students, clinicians and members of the public, as a way to share best practice in gerontological nursing. During her time at UWS she designed and delivered degree modules in gerontology, She completed a PhD on life as a ‘delayed discharge’. She has a PGCE F/E and a PG in research supervision.

Angela wrote a nurse specialist programme for the World Health Organisation (WHO) and worked for WHO in a consultancy capacity to produce a Training Master Protocol on using “cascade plus strategy” especially in developing countries.

She co-edited and wrote chapters for a text book on caring for older people and has published widely, Her Multifactorial Attitudes Questionnaire (MAQ) was used in a six country research project she led and has been used in the United States, Sweden and Germany.
She has supervised six PhD students to completion.

Angela worked at Edinburgh Napier University as Associate Professor in January 2016 and in July 2018 took up a post as Clinical Professor in Nursing which is a jointly funded post with Robert Gordon University and NHS Grampian.
She partners a Horizon 2020 project on Ageism and leads an Ageing Research Network at RGU.

Research Interests

Frailty, Care homes, Ageism, Dementia, Gerontology

Current Research

Include recent projects, key partner/network projects, recent national or international conference presentations, policy development or other related scholarship output.


UK lead for Horizon 2020 EuroAgeism Project. NHSG Endowments funding to run an Ageing Research Network. NHSG Endowments funding to provide a series of research seminars for clinical staff.

Professional Memberships

  • Registerd general nurse, mental health nurse and clinical teacher.
  • Senior Fellow of the HEA.

External / Professional Roles

  • External examiner for the Advanced Nursing Practice Masters University of the Highlands and Islands.
  • Visiting professor at Zurich University of Allied Sciences (ZHAW).
  • Member of Clinical Academic Research in Nursing group (CARIN).
  • Member of Editorial Board of Maturitas


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Media Coverage

TED Talk on Ageism in the Third Age

Teaching Interests

Frailty, Dementia, Ethics, Qualitative Research Methods