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Title: Professor
First Name: Catriona
Surname: Kennedy
Position: QNIS Professor of Community Nursing and Academic Strategic Lead for Research
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 262915
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Catriona is research lead and her role includes supervision of less experienced staff and post graduate students, building a portfolio of funded projects and high impact journal publications.  Catriona is a District Nurse by background and has expertise in a range of research methods with a particular focus on qualitative methods and evidence synthesis. She has been involved in four Cochrane systematic reviews, several published integrative literature reviews and writes evidence summaries for the Cochrane Nursing Care field.  Catriona has been involved in a number of studies with a particular focus around community nursing, long term conditions, cancer and end of life care.

Duties and Responsibilities

Leadership in research, teaching and research supervision, research funding and publications. 

Research Profile

Academic Background

PhD, BA(Hons) Health Studies, Dip Nurs, RN, DN, RNT, DNT, PWT

Research Interests

Range of research methods – qualitative, appreciative inquiry, evidence synthesis. 


2020 – Chief Scientist Office (£55965) (Portfolio Lead)

2020 – NHS Grampian Endowment (£12,000) (Co- applicant)

2019 - Public Health England (£7190) (PI) Be clear on cancer – abdominal symptoms

2019 -: Robert Gordon University Pump Prime (£10,000) (PI) Impact of Brexit on the mental health of EU citizens in Scotland

2018 - : Life Changes Trust (£19,000) Co-applicant Rights made real in Care Homes: Co-creating an enhanced process of advanced care planning (ACP) to enable the human rights of those living with a dementia to be met in the final phases of their life.

2017 - NHS Grampian (£125,000) for PGR Fellowships. I am Principal Supervisor and co-applicant/grant holder.

2016 - Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (£125,000) Development grant to build capacity and capability in community nursing research (PI)

2016 -  Health Research Board Ireland Cochrane Fellowship Interventions for preventing falls in Multiple Sclerosis. I am the lead supervisor for this application. (€55,640).

2015: Carnegie Fund (40,000 GBP) Vulnerable young people and the HPV vaccine with Edinburgh Napier, University of Glasgow and Health Improvement Scotland. (Co-applicant)

2014: Nursing and Midwifery Board Ireland (€220,000). (Co-applicant)

IUA Heads of Nursing and Midwifery Group in collaboration with:

  • University College Dublin
  • University of Limerick
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Cork
  • National University of Ireland Galway.

2014: Enterprise Ireland (€1685) Travel Grant to assist with European Horizon 2020 Funding Application. (PI)

2014: University of Limerick seed funding (€6000) to establish International consortia to apply for EU funding. (PI)

2013: Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (€57,250). (Co-applicant). Review of the Scope of Nursing and Midwifery Practice IUA Heads of Nursing and Midwifery Group in collaboration with:

  • University College Dublin
  • University of Limerick
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Cork

2013: University of Limerick (Strategic Development Funding €100,000) To establish a ‘Cochrane Collaboration’ hub in the EHS Faculty. (PI).

2013: University of Limerick (Seed funding €19,000) Quality of life for people with Parkinson’s living in the South West of Ireland. (Co-applicant) 

2012: Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (£10,000) Evaluation of the Community Consultant Nurse role in Primary Care. (Co-applicant).

2010: Macmillan Cancer Support/NHS Tayside (£20,000) Evaluation of the Advanced Nurse practitioner Role in Palliative care. (PI)

2010: Scottish Government (£60,000) Evaluation of the Community Health nurse role across 3 pilot sites. (Co-applicant)

2009: Health Services Research/ Chief Scientist Office (£53,033) A qualitative study examining stakeholder experiences of immunisation services in Edinburgh focussing on the MMR and HPV vaccines. (PI)

2008 - Scottish Government; (£101,312) to conduct Baseline Evaluation of the Review of Nursing in the Community in Scotland. Completed in November 2008. (PI)

2008 - Napier University; £20,000 to conduct scoping exercise of immunisation practices in NHS Lothian. (PI)

2008 - Health Services/NHS Lothian/CSO; £20,000. Perceptions of risk of the proposed Community Health Nurse model in NHS Lothian. (PI)

2008 - Health Services/NHS Lothian/CSO; £20,000. Investigating the contribution of community nursing to anticipatory care. (PI)

2008 - Health Services/NHS Lothian/CSO; £20,000. An Exploration of ‘Do Not Attempt Resuscitation’ decision-making In The Acute Hospital Setting. (PI)

2007:   Royal Society for Edinburgh International Programme. Award of £2300 to visit the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Melbourne Australia in August 2008. (PI)

2007 - Funds for PhD studentship ‘Bracing in Spinal Cord compression’ funded by NHS Lothian and Napier University (Kilbride L Kennedy C, Grant R) 2007 – 2010 (£51,000). (Co-applicant)

2007 - A Network Supporting Learning and Practice Development in the Care of Older People (£390,000) funded by NHS Quality Improvement Scotland

Care Commission & NHS Education for Scotland In collaboration with Universities of Edinburgh and Ulster and NHS Lothian March 2007 – February 2010. (Co-applicant)

2006:   Commissioned by the Scottish Executive to undertake the literature review for the Review of Nursing in the Community in Scotland (£10,000) (C Kennedy (lead reviewer and grant holder) J Christie, I Rutherford, F Maxton, D Moss and J Harbison) February 2006 and completed June 2006. (PI).

2006:   Grant from Napier University Knowledge Transfer Framework 2006 (£20,000). Assessing specific requirements of NHS Lothian to improve the care of patients with spinal cord compression (L Kilbride, C Kennedy) (Co-applicant)

2005:   Grant from Private Donor and the Royal Bank of Scotland (total of £220,000) to fund to two ‘Cancer Nursing Research Fellowships’ (Grant holder C Kennedy) 2006 – 2009. (PI).

2005: Grant from Centre for Integrated Health Care Research (£14,361) for a systematic review entitled ‘Methods of communicating a primary diagnosis of breast cancer to patients’ (K Lockhart I Dosser C Kennedy S Cruickshank). Completed January 2007. (Co-applicant)

2005: Grant from Centre for Integrated Health Care Research (£14,361) for a Systematic review entitled ‘Specialist breast care nurses for supportive care of women with breast cancer’ (C Kennedy (CI) S Cruickshank K Lockhart I Dosser). Completed March 2007. (Co-applicant)

2005 Grant from Macmillan Cancer Relief - £37,205 to evaluate the post of ‘Macmillan children and family support worker’ (C Kennedy (CI) Napier University (PI), R Hogg University of Edinburgh & A Worth, University of Stirling) July 2005 – and completed January 2007. (PI)

2004 The management of menopausal symptoms for women with breast cancer: An exploratory study funded by Napier University Small Grants – (£1000). (S Cruickshank & C Kennedy) Completed 2004. (Co-applicant)

2003 Post-Doctoral studies focussing on district nurse assessment and decision-making relating to patients and families with palliative care needs. Funded by Marie Curie Cancer Care Small Research Grants - £3000 (C Kennedy. Completed 2003). (PI)

External / Professional Roles

  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Limerick
  • Visiting Professor, Karlstad University, Sweden 
  • Member of QNIS Advisory Board


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Teaching Interests

Research, community nursing