Joyce Lishman
Title: Professor
First Name: Joyce
Surname: Lishman
Position: Emeritus Professor

Joyce Lishman was appointed as the first female Professor in the University in 1993.  Until her retirement in 2011 she led the School in developing its social work courses to meet professional requirements at undergraduate and post graduate levels, by full time and distance learning and residential child care degree.  Joyce was also instrumental in the development of the social science honours degree.  Her research and publication interests have been in communication, practice learning, evaluation and dissemination of research into evidence based practice.  Joyce has recently been appointed as a Council Member of the Scottish Social Services Council.  She is Director of Inspiring Scotland, of Aberlour and Voluntary Service, Aberdeen, reflecting her interest in promoting the third sector in provision of welfare.  She is an External Examiner for the University of Kent and the University of Ulster.