First Name: Ian
Surname: Johnson
Position: Research Student
ORCID: ORCID Icon 0000-0002-1650-2633

PhD Thesis Title
Foreign interventions and domestic initiatives in the development of education for librarianship and information management, with Iraq as a case study

This study provides a history of the development of education for library and information services in Iraq, and indicates the progress that had been made before the country’s recent political isolation and economic stagnation began.  It draws evidence from the published literature, previously unexplored archival material, and discussions with some of the participants.  The study examines professional education for librarianship, and documentation, information and archival work in their broad national economic, political, and social context.  It considers trends in international assistance for library development, and contrasts developments in Iraq with a summary of parallel developments in other Arab countries to provide a benchmark for the review of professional practice and education in Iraq. 

In doing so, it will analyse the factors that contributed to the development of professional education in the country.  From an evaluation of these factors, it draws some tentative conclusions about the factors that may be not only critical to the successful development of professional education in other developing countries seeking to install or strengthen the foundations of professional education for library and information services but also relevant in those countries that have an established infrastructure. 

Principal Supervisor: Professor Peter Reid

Ian is a former member of staff studying part time for his PhD.