Jeremy Lambert Profile
First Name: Jeremy
Surname: Lambert
Position: Research Student

Project title: The development of a scheduling methodology that accommodates for variability, uncertainty and complexity at the commencement of mega-construction projects in the Engineering, Procure and Construction (EPC) environment.

Start date: February 2013

The research aim is to develop a scheduling technique, that when applied to the mega-project environment provides a schedule makespan and quality robustness that remains unvaried as the project progresses. Providing a technique that allows the development of a schedule that can more readily monitor the progress of the project, without the necessity of ‘rescheduling’ and re-sequencing of activities. To achieve this there are several research areas that will be explored during the course of the Doctorate’s development these are:

  1. A review of existing and emerging scheduling technique;
  2. An exploration of variability, uncertainty and complexity within the construction industry;
  3. An examination of the engineering, procure and construction procurement methodology in the construction industry;
  4. The development of a methodology to accommodate variability, uncertainty and complexity for mega-projects delivered via an EPC approach.