First Name: Nsikak-Jeuel John
Surname: Ituh
Position: Research Student
Telephone: N/A
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PhD Thesis Title - PT PhD
Spatial Transfer of Energy Policy Frameworks in sub-Sahara Africa for scale up of Renewable Energy – Policy Learning, Divergence or Convergence


After decades of relative decrepitude, the very salient electricity crisis in sub-Sahara Africa has led to the formulation of a range of polices for the scale up in renewable energy applications. Most of these policies have been formed on politicians’ prescription of goals and priorities, resulting in multiple incoherent policy and institutional structures with conflicting goals and legal mandates. Consequently, with weak legislative and statutory measures, the regulatory environment remains increasingly fragmented. Whilst the motive behind policy formation could be implied, it remains unclear if lessons have been drawn from the successes and failures of these mechanisms in different countries? This question leads us to an interesting hypothetical dialogue in the RE discipline: transferability of policy lessons. Existing literature on RE policy contains a marginal account of policy transfer and lacks any focused reference to the conditions under which one country’s successful policy might be more or less successfully transferable in another. This underlines the need to carefully review RE policies and analyse how transferable lessons have been identified and transferred to found enabling policy framework. Therefore, my research seeks to understand the conditions under which RE policy ideas travel into Nigeria and selected countries. I examine the formation and coordination of RE policies in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa to determine which causal mechanisms lead to the replication of policy outcomes similar to the jurisdiction of policy origin.


Principal Supervisor: Professor David Gray

Public Outputs

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