Rachael Ironside
Title: Dr
First Name: Rachael
Surname: Ironside
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 262251

Duties and Responsibilities

Rachael is a lecturer in Events Management, She has previously run her own events business, and has worked in marketing and events for a number of years across the tourism, public and corporate sectors.

Research Interests

Rachael completed her PhD at the University of York with her doctoral research exploring social interaction and extraordinary experiences. Rachael’s current research interests include social interaction, group experience, and the role of supernatural tourism in contemporary society.

Current Research

  • Social interaction and anomalous experiences
  • Supernatural tourism and public engagement with place and history
  • Dark tourism, dark histories and heritage interpretation


Journal articles

  • Ironside, R., 2017. Discovering strange events in empty spaces: the role of multimodal practice and the interpretation of paranormal events. Journal of Pragmatics, 120, pp. 88-100.
  • Ironside, R., Woofitt, R. and Woods, C., 2015. The transgressive that: making the world uncanny. Discourse Studies.

Book chapters

  • Ironside, R., 2018. The Allure of Dark Tourism: Legend-Tripping and Ghost Seeking in Dark Places. The Supernatural in History, Society and Culture. (Edited by Dennis Waskul and Marc Eaton). Philadelphia: Temple University Press. (Forthcoming)

Conference Papers

  • Ironside, R., 2013. Seeing what is 'unseen': Using video to enrich our social understanding of paranormal experiences. Presented at IUAES2013 World Congress: Evolving humanity, emerging worlds, University of Manchester
  • Ironside, R., 2012. "Knock, knock… who’s there?” Orientating to spirits in the spatial and personal environment. Presented at 4th Exploring the Extraordinary Conference, York.
  • Ironside, R., 2011. Conversing with the dead: Considerations of the collective in modern British paranormal groups. Presented at 3rd Exploring the Extraordinary Conference, York.