Olufemi Ilesanmi
Title: Dr
First Name: Olufemi
Surname: Ilesanmi
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 263903

Duties and Responsibilities

Olufemi Ilesanmi is a lecturer in Law and notes that this appointment has provided him "with a highly appreciated opportunity to ‘learn by association’ the black letter laws". Over the past few years, he has had a variety of enriching experiences researching and teaching on core law and cognate modules and is at present the module leader for Criminology and Legal Systems and Contracts. He has responsibilities as follows:

  • Deputy Co-ordinator, Law UG Dissertations;
  • Module Co-ordinator for International Trading;
  • Module Tutor for Online Learning students in Reparation Law and Evidence;
  • He is extensively involved in other modules: moderating Public International Law and teaching on International Human Rights, Jurisprudence, and Legal Research Skills at the School of Computing.

He is also a visiting Lecturer in Business Law at ESC Graduate School of Management, 4 Boulevard Trudaine 63037 Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Academic Background

Previously, Olufemi worked at the University of Aberdeen, where he co-designed and taught on a postgraduate LLM course: ‘Research Theory and Methods in International Law and Globalisation’ with Professor Anthony Carty. He also taught ‘Theories of International Relations’ and ‘Political Economy’ at an undergraduate level in the Department of Politics and International Relations.

He has a PhD in Law from the University of Aberdeen and his thesis revisited the universalist-relativist debate in International Relations and Law on whether religiously based regimes of modern times are compatible with human rights, which, it would seem, originates from the secular tradition of the West. Olufemi has a diverse academic background in International Law, Ethics and Public Theology. Before gaining an LLM in International Law from the University of Westminster, London, he had studied for an MTh in Theology and Ethics of Communication at the New College, University of Edinburgh.

Research Interests

Theories of International Law; Human Rights with a focus on Theocratic Systems; Comparative Religions; Global Political Economy; Criminology; Philosophy of Law; Ethics and Computer Misuse.

Olufemi is keenly interested in international human rights and competing worldviews. He would be happy to supervise cross-disciplinary works on 1) Law and Theocratic systems. Or 2) Universalist/relativist debates in International Relations and Law. He is currently supervising PhD research works on ‘Arbitration and Access to Justice in Developing World’, and on ‘Cyber Crime’.

PhD Supervision

He is interested in supervising on all areas within his research interests, but particularly interested in applications in the following topic areas: 

  • Criminological aspects of counter-terrorism and regional security studies

 Femi is currently principal supervisor for the following doctoral research student – Blessing Ameh.

Professional Memberships

Olufemi is a member of vocational/professional bodies that cut across disciplines. He has practical experience in serving as an Education Coordinator within a pastorate in Nigeria and is an Associate Member of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Other memberships include:

  • Critical Legal Conference (International);
  • British Society of Criminology (UK);
  • The British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (BIAPT);
  • The Society of Legal Scholars (UK), he currently serves as the Convenor of the Jurisprudence Section.


Refereed Book

Ilesanmi, O.O., 2015. Islamism, statehood and human rights. Cambridge: Intersentia.

A World of Difference: Contemporary Theocracies and Human Rights, Intersentia: Belgium/Cambridge (2013). 
Refereed Article

‘Sexual Offences in a Muslim World: A Socio-Ethical Reflection on Zamfara State (of Nigeria) v Bariya I Mugazu’ International Journal of Human Rights, Volume 14 Issue 2 2010 Pages 215-232

Academic Papers

Conferences (forthcoming):

  • Society of Legal Scholars, Conference at the University of Bristol, Bristol, ‘At what stage should Jurisprudence be taught? A Study on the Integrity and Role of the Module in Legal Education Curriculum’. (September 2012)
  • Biapt Conference at the University of Chester, “USA V Abdulmutallab: a Theological Reflection on the Limits of Law". (July 2012).

Conference Contributions

  • 2011, Society of Legal Scholars, Conference at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, ‘The Development of Theocratic Legal Systems: a Contextual Overview’.
  • 2009, Symposium on Critical Environmental Law, The Westminster International Law & Theory Centre, University of Westminster, London,‘Human-Nature Relationship and Protection of the Environment: A Reflection’ .
  • 2008, Conference on the Concept of Justice and Law in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, University of Manchester, UK, ‘Sexual Crime in Islam: A Reflection on Zamfara State (of Nigeria) v Bariya I Mugazu’.
  • 2007, Critical Legal Conference, Birkbeck College, UK, ‘The Religious Mind(s) and Public Interest in Multi-Cultural Britain: An Ethico-Legal Reflection on the London 7/7 Bombings.
  • 2006, College of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Aberdeen, UK, ‘Oil and Religion in Sudan: A Strategic Study on a ‘Torn Country’’.
  • 2004, Critical Legal Conference, University of Westminster, UK, ‘Death of Civilians in Modern Armed Conflicts: A Socio-Ethical Reflection on the Iraqi War’ and ‘Human Rights Law and the Islamic Theocracies in N. Nigeria: A Conceptual Study’.

Current Research for Journal Publication

  • ‘‘Matters Criminal’ in Context: An Overview of the Relationship between Law and Religion in 17th Century Scotland’ (Under review).
  • ‘Introducing (Aspects of) Islamic Law in Post Christian Britain: Issues and Pre-requisites (Under review).
  • ‘International Law and Neo-chthonic Environmental economy’ , The Westminster International Law and Theory (Under review).


Olufemi Ilesanmi is a recipient of awards for excellence in both Law and Theology. He was recognised as the Outstanding Reviewer 2011, Emerald Literati Network, UK (for works on Journal of International Trade Law and Policy).

He previously won the prestigious Henry Miller Scholarship (Mound Place, University of Edinburgh, UK) to explore Theology and Public Issues. He has a published article on ‘social ethics and law’ and made the acquisition lists of the following libraries: