Leigh-Anne Hepburn
First Name: Leigh-Anne
Surname: Hepburn
Position: Research Student
Telephone: 01224 263649

Project title: The Collaborative Dynamics of Co-Creation.

Start date: October 2012

This research is part of the wider AHRC funded project, Design in Action, which brings together businesses, designers and academics to work collaboratively using design as a strategy for innovation.

The research aims of this study are to understand the collaborative dynamics of co-creation as a participative and experiential process that can stimulate knowledge exchange and encourage innovation, to develop a framework for co-creation, a methodology for added value and recommendations for the practice of co-creativity.

Main methods being used include participatory action research and case studies.

Current keywords are: Co-creation, collaboration, SME’s, Knowledge, Equality, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Exchange, Innovation, Design.


Prof Anne Douglas

Dr Gemma Kearney