Jim Hamlyn
First Name: Jim
Surname: Hamlyn
Position: Subject Leader for Photographic & Electronic Media BA (Hons)
Telephone: 01224 263695

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Subject Leader for Photographic & Electronic Media BA (Hons)

Academic Background

  • 1988 BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography, Glasgow School of Art
  • 1990 MA Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art
  • 2010 PGDip HE in Teaching and Learning, RGU

Research Interests / Professional Background

Fine Art, Photographic and Electronic Media, pedagogy and pedagogic theory.

Additional Information / Media work / Funding

Artist in Residence, Sydney College of Art, Sydney Australia, August 2011.

Jim Hamlyn has exhibited nationally and internationally in such countries as Egypt, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the USA. His work uses an interdisciplinary approach which incorporates a wide range of media from public sculpture and installation to interactive media and the moving image.

In 2004 he set up the BA (Hons) Course in Photographic and Electronic Media at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen which he now leads. Since 2001, Jim has also been a part-time lecturer in the Fine Art Photography department at Glasgow School of Art.

Key Publications

2011: “Atelier Public” GOMA, Glasgow, Scotland
2010: “Kunstlersichten” Staatliches Museum, Schwerin, Germany
2009: “14n32w”, Online   
         “Seven Short Sails”, Online
2006: “International Biennale of the Artists Book”, Alexandria, Egypt
2005: “Digital Express”, Seoul Net and Film Festival, South Korea
2004: “Infinite Fill”, Foxy Productions, New York, USA
2003: "Chiangmai First New Media Festival", ICECA, Changmai, Thailand