First Name: Andy
Surname: Grinnall
Position: Research Assistant
Telephone: +44 (0) 7920 080130
Linkedin: LinkedIn Icon

Duties and Responsibilities

Andy Grinnall is a Research Assistant specialising in Information Management.. He has undertaken research in a range of disciplines, including Energy (Enerman and e-harbours projects), Transport (Change Fund Social Transport project) and Cultural Heritage (Bring Your Own Heritage project). He also acts as Project Manager on large research projects and is currently doing this for the RiCORE (Risk Based Consenting for Offshore Renewable Energy) project.

Academic Background

After a first degree in Chemistry Andy worked for many years in the IT field, primarily in the Finance industry in the UK and New Zealand. After deciding on a career change he studied full time for a MSc in Information and Library Studies at RGU, graduating in 2011.

External / Professional Roles

Andy is a volunteer HTML editor for Information Research online journal


Journal Articles

Grinnall, A. and Burnett, S. (2015). First catch your fish: designing a “low energy fish” label. Sustainability. 7(5), pp. 6086-6101. doi:10.3390/su7056086.

Burnett, S., Grinnall, A. and Williams, D. (2015). What have we learned so far? The development and application of an organisational learning narrative. Knowledge Management Research and Practice. doi:10.1057/kmrp.2013.38.

Pedersen, S., Burnett, S., Smith, R. and Grinnall, A. (2014). The impact of the cessation of blogs within the UK police blogosphere. New Technology, Work and Employment. 29(2), pp. 160-176. doi:10.1111/ntwe.12028.

Burnett, S., Williams, D. and Grinnall, A. (2013). The strategic role of knowledge auditing and mapping: an organisational case study. Knowledge and Process Management. 20(3), pp. 161-176. doi:10.1002/kpm.1416.


Tait, E., Laing, R., Grinnall, A., Burnett, S., Isaacs, J. and Scott, J. (2015). Bring Your Own Heritage: final project report.

Williams, D., Burnett, S., Grinnall, A. and Cooper, K. (2014). Enerman project final report.

Gray, D., Cooper, K. and Grinnall, A. (2014). Social transport collaborative solutions: Developing a social/community transport infrastructure for Change Funded projects and associated activity around Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP).

Owen, A., Burnett, S., Akinsete, E. and Grinnall, A. (2014). Energy label for fish products in the Fraserburgh area.