Caroline Gausden
First Name: Caroline
Surname: Gausden
Position: Research Student

Research title: Feminist Manifestos and Socially Engaged Practice

Start date: February 2013

My research is in corroboration with the thesis that certain works of art may be considered as feminist manifestos thanks to their reception, function and interpretation, with a focus on visual arts practice associated with the second wave and later feminist movements.

The research considers the Manifesto as an interstitial form between word and action a compelling performance that creates new subjectivities. It suggests that certain feminist manifestos have taken the form away from the necessity of engendering heroic and radical breaks with history. Arguing for an other feminist position in relation to questions of social change that can be seen within socially engaged and relational practice.

The research methodology aims to enter into dialogue with contemporary artists in the field of social practice and with the archival histories of that practice to find traces of a feminist position and articulate its value as an artistic approach towards social change.