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First Name: Abdulhakeem
Surname: Garba
Position: Research Student

Research title: Provision of Sustainable Electricity in Nigeria

Start date: February 2013

Following the limited success of the fossil fuel energy system and inability of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria in delivering sustainable electricity to the Nigerian public, Nigeria is presently facing an acute electricity shortage. Only 40% of households have access to the national grid and around 90% of rural people depend on fuel wood and charcoal, with a population of ~167 million people. In 2005 the Nigerian government privatised the utility organisation with a view for private sector participation.

This research work is aiming to investigate the viability of renewable energy technology (RET) in the provision of sustainable electricity in Nigeria. The reason for selecting RET is because it assists in identifying when and where electricity is actually needed, thereby eliminating/reducing grid network utilization. Also, it has little or no operating and maintenance cost, is environmentally benign etc.


Dr Mohammed Kishk


  • Application of Knowledge Management principle in the Nigeria Building Industry: A case of Kaduna Metropolis.
  • Resource optimization and sustainable development for national transformation in the Nigerian construction industry.