First Name: Chris
Surname: Fremantle
Position: Senior Research Fellow
Telephone: 00447714203016
Linkedin: LinkedIn Icon

Development of strategic research across art and design. 


Researchgate Profile

Duties and Responsibilities

Research development. 

Academic Background

English, Philosophy, Cultural History.

Research Interests

  • Participation, collaboration and interdisciplinarity.
  • Failure

Current Research

  • Practice-led research in particular focused on art and ecology (see publications)
  • Design in Action – design-led business support (AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub, British Council Newton Fund award)
  • Evaluating Knowledge Exchange (DMI Boston 2016)
  • Arts and Health in particular patient pathways and environments (Design4Health 2011, 2013, 2015)
  • The Art(s) of Failure (Scottish Graduate School for the Arts & Humanities Summer School Workshop with EK Reeder University of Glasgow)


2016   Co-I. Design Entrepreneurship.  British Council Newton Fund (Gray's) £45,000.  Successful.

2015   Co-I. Cultural Leadership and the Place of the Artist, AHRC Follow On Funding (Gray's). £99,900.  Successful 

2012.  University of Edinburgh Challenge Fund (ECA).  Sought £8,000.  Successful.

2011.  AHRC.  Collaborative Doctoral Award.  Leadership (Gray's).  Successful.

2006.  AHRC Nature of Creativity.  The Artist as Leader (Gray's).  Sought £30,000.  Successful.

Professional Memberships

Member of the Institute of Fundraising

Associate Member of the Scottish Artists Union (Served on the Executive 2006-2016)

External / Professional Roles

Producer of sited arts projects

Director Ayr Gaiety Partnership


With Douglas, A. 2016.  Inconsistency and Contradiction: Lessons in improvisation in the work of Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison. In Elemental: an Arts and Ecology Reader.  Manchester: The Gaia Project.

With Gulari, N.M., 2015. Are design-led innovation approaches applicable to SMEs? 17th International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education, Loughboough University, Loughborough, UK

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With Kearney, G. 2015.  Owning Failure: can the concept of failure redefine success?  International Journal of Art & Design Education 34(3):309-318 · October 2015

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2014  Scottish Artists bring nature into healthcare: approaches to Biophilic Design.  Global Healthcare and Arts Alliance conference, Houston, USA.

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