Chikezie Daniel Emele
First Name: Chikezie Daniel
Surname: Emele
Position: Research Student
Telephone: +44(0)1224 263935

Thesis Title (PhD)

Accessibility and Usability Of Prostate Cancer Information in SouthEast, Nigeria.


Information (including health-related information) and its presentation in Africa are generally targeted at urban dwellers, neglecting the rural areas where the majority of the population live. This research explores how health information such as prostate cancer information can be culturally sensitive and appropriate for rural dwellers in Southeast, Nigeria. Specifically, the study will identify the effect of culture on health information, health information needs, factors influencing choice of health information source, health information presentation and design; assesses the level of accessibility (interaction and perception)  and usability (applicability) of the prostate cancer information based on information literacy and information behaviour of the rural dwellers.

The research adopts mixed strategy with mainly qualitative research methods to study the attitude, visual response, belief, perception and behaviour of the participants. A purposive simple random cross-sectional sampling technique would be employed in selecting the participants for the semi structured interview and to form the focus group respectively.

Qualitative data will be analysed to capture the perspectives of the participant’s social world by “seeing their world through their own eyes”; to understand how they interact with information, form appropriate for presentation, and cultural factors that affect their interaction with information in the context of their lives for a better quality of life, experience and information behaviour. The research seeks to develop heuristics for novel approach for health information design appropriate for rural dwellers to promote health information awareness, communication, interaction and use in rural communities.

Working Paper

"Improving Chances of Prostate Cancer Survival in Black African Men: a study of the information needs of this high-risk group in the UK and S.E. Nigeria"

Supervisor - Dr Konstantina Martzoukou