Christine Edwards
Title: Dr
First Name: Christine
Surname: Edwards
Position: Professor
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224262839

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Research Fellow
  • Cyanobacterial Research

Academic Background

  • BSc Hons Microbiology, University College London (1984).
  • PhD University College London (1993)

Research Interests / Professional Background

Postdoctoral research at the University of Dundee developed the interest in bioactive natural products in particular, toxins produced by cyanobacteria. This work focused on the development and validation of methods for extraction and analysis of microcystins, a group of peptide toxins, produced frequently by bloom forming cyanobacteria. Work also investigated the efficiency of traditional and novel water treatment processes for the removal of these toxins.

In 1994, joined Biotage, as a technical support specialist for purification products from R & D to production scale. Collaboration with customers, on method development and optimisation resulted in several publications.

In 2005, arrived at the School of Life Sciences to resume a more active role in research, with emphasis on cyanobacterial toxins, and their occurrence and fate in the environment. Many years experience on production of high quality bioactive compounds for research tools. Specific interests in cyanobacterial signalling compounds and bioremediation of microcystins.

The group has excellent facilities for cyanobacterial culture, chemical analysis (high performance liquid chromatography with  photodiode array, fluorescence, mass, evaporative light scattering detection), bioassay, and chromatography purification suite.

Additional Information / Media work / Funding

Funding from Enzo Life Sciences, Lausen Switzerland

Professional Body Membership

  • Society for General Microbiology
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Chromatographic Society

Key Publications

  1. Lawton L. A. Welgamage A., Edwards C. and Manage P. Novel bacterial strains for the removal of microcystins from drinking water, Water Science Technology 2011; 63.6
  2. Manage, P.M., Edwards, C. Singh, B.K. Lawton, L.A. (2009) Isolation and Identification of Novel Microcystin-Degrading Bacteria. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 75, 6924-6928.
  3. Edwards C, Lawton L.A. (2009) Bioremediation of cyanotoxins. Adv Appl Microbiol., 67,109-29.
  4. Edwards, C., Graham, D., Fowler, N. and Lawton, L.A. (2008) Biodegradation of microcystins and nodularin in freshwaters. Chemosphere, 78, 1315-1321.
  5. Lawton, L.A. and Edwards, C (2001) Purification of Microcystins. J. Chrom A. 912. 191-209
  6. Edwards, C., Lawton, L.A., Coyle S.M. and Paul Ross.(1996) Laboratory-scale purification of microcystins using flash chromatography and HPLC, J. Chrom. 734. 163-173.
  7. Lawton, L.A., Edwards, C. and Codd, G.A. (1994) Extraction and HPLC method for the determination of microcystins in raw and treated waters. Analyst. 119. 1525-1530.