Margaret Downie
First Name: Margaret
Surname: Downie
Position: Academic Strategic Lead
Telephone: +44(0)1224 263944

Duties and Responsibilities

Margaret Downie is an Academic Strategic Lead in The Law School. She was a solicitor in Aberdeen and Glasgow for over 15 years and has a wide range of experience of private practice, in particular in the employment area, tribunal work and civil litigation.  She continues to do consultancy work

Research Interests

Margaret's main areas of interest are Employment Law and Access to Justice.

PhD Supervision

She is interested in supervising on all areas within her research interests, but particularly interested in applications in the following topic areas:

  • The impact of tribunal fees on access to tribunals in Scotland

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Socio Legal Studies Association
  • ACAS accredited mediator
  • Legal Education Research Network
  • Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy



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Professional Articles

Potential Challenges to the 2 year qualifying period (Perception v Hard Facts)’ Greens Employment Law Bulletin, April 2012

Refereed Articles

Downie M. and Gosling D. Offshore Helicopter Travel: Is the U.K. Oil and Gas Industry Failing Workers? November 2019 NEW SOLUTIONS A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy

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Non-Refereed Articles
With Alramahi, M, "The Downside of Commercial Contracts", Aberdeen Business School Journal, 2008, pp.10-13.

Conference Papers

RGU Teaching and Learning conference 2019 Learning without Borders ‘Student transitions from FE to HE: One year on’, Margaret Downie and Bob Craigmyle

Legal Education Research Network Showcase Event 2017 “Improving the Transition from Further to Higher Education”

RGU Student Transitions:Navigating the Learner Journey Conference 2017 " Transitions from HE to FE: supporting the transferring student" with R.Craigmyle.

Higher Education Academy 3rd International Enhancement in Higher Education Conference 2017 ''Transitions from HE to FE: supporting the transferring student" with R. Craigmyle. 

Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference 2017  "The Impact of Brexit on Labour Law"

The Socio – Legal Society Annual Conference, April 2016, "Shifting Burdens of Proof “

Labour and Employment Law Issues in the 21st Century: Ireland, Europe, and the United States, University of Limerick, October 2015  “Is a Worker Protected Against Discrimination because of Obesity? Comparing UK and US Law”  

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