Cameron Craddock
First Name: Cameron
Surname: Craddock
Position: Senior Lecturer Associate Head of Undergraduate Studies Co-founder and Strategic Lead - Streetsport / Denis Law Legacy Trust
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263621

Cameron is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Head of Undergraduate Studies based within the Communication Design Department at Gray’s School of Art. 

He is also a Co-founder and Strategic Lead for Streetsport / Denis Law Legacy Trust – Scottish Charity Number SC 043169

Academic Background

Cameron’s academic interests and activities have explored the application of both communication and design processes and methods to develop interventions that aim to address a range of societal issues and support marginalised groups. Through collective partnership working with various stakeholders (including Police Scotland, Aberdeen City Council and the Johan Cruyff Foundation), he has used sport and other creative activities to actively promote health and wellbeing and help eliminate barriers for ‘hard to reach’ youths by widening participation to a range of free to access activities, facilities and resources that unite people and help foster a sense of social value, belonging and responsibility within communities. 

In particular he has developed several social inclusion and diversionary tactics initiatives that have attracted and diverted disaffected youths from the pressures and often challenging circumstances within their communities thereby effecting reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour.

As an example, he developed the Denis Law Legacy Trust’s Streetsport programme which deploys temporary mobile activity arenas into a number of locations throughout Aberdeen City, taking activities directly to youths within their own communities. The locations often fall within seven priority neighbourhoods reported by the Scottish Government as being in the 15% most deprived areas of Scotland (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation).

The Denis Law Legacy Trust’s impact is demonstrated by its ability to reduce levels of antisocial behaviour and crime; improve prospects for employability through skills development pathways and widen levels of inclusion and participation for disadvantaged young people. Their collaborative partnership model brings together multiple stakeholders and volunteers resulting in activities that react and respond to local community needs and issues.

Programmes currently exceed 20,000 active participations annually and, in some instances, have helped reduce complaints of anti-social behaviour by over 90%. 

The Denis Law Legacy Trust has 10 Goals (aims and objectives) and their work and activities have been recognised both locally and nationally with a number of nominations and awards.

Research Interests

  • Communication Design
  • Social Innovation & Inclusion
  • Sports Brands & Advertising
  • Design Interventions & Community Engagement
  • Diversionary Tactics & Designing out Crime
  • Wellness and Health Promotion

Current Research

Cameron's research activity has focussed on socially oriented design initiatives, exploring the role of the designer in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour whilst encouraging wellness, health promotion and social integration. Through the application of design methods and processes he has been looking at ways in which Communication Designers can apply their skills to beneficial use both in terms of intervention, inclusivity and the local community.

Web: Denis Law Legacy Trust

Instagram: @DenisLawStreetsport

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy

Media Coverage

Awards & Accreditations

  • The Principal’s Award 2020: Outstanding Service to the Community - University of Aberdeen
  • Evening Express Champion Awards 2020 - Sport and Wellbeing Champion
  • Pride of Aberdeen Awards 2017 - Community Venture Award
  • Pride of Sport Awards 2017: TSB Community Partner
  • The Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2017: MBE for Volunteer Groups.
  • Voluntary Action Scotland - Volunteer Friendly Accreditation.
  • Developing Young Workforce North East: DYW Quality Accreditation for Streetsport Positive Destinations Programme - Bronze Level.
  • Developing Young Workforce North East: DYW Quality Accreditation for Extreme Art School Programme - Gold Level.
  • Scottish Police Excellence Awards 2017: Greatest Contribution to Policing Priorities Award – Winner
  • StreetGames National Awards 2017: Sport for Good & Park Lives - Winner
  • Aberdeen Charitable Voluntary Organisations ACVO Awards 2017: Friends of the Third Sector Award - Winner
  • Elevator Awards 2016: Alick Buchanan-Smith Enterprising Communities Award – Winner.
  • Young Scot of the Year 2016 – Finalist.
  • Aberdeen City Children & Young People’s Awards 2015: Opportunities for All Award – Winner.
  • Sport Scotland Scottish Sports Awards 2013: Local Heroes – Finalist.
  • Aberdeen City Children and Young People’s Awards 2013: Integrated Partnership Working – Winner.
  • Sport Aberdeen Awards 2013: Outstanding Commitment of the Year Award - Winner.
  • NorthSound Awards 2012: Outstanding Contribution to the Community - Winner.
  • Times Higher Education Awards 2009: Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community - Finalist.
  • NESTA Design Innovation Award.