Eoin Cowie
Title: Dr
First Name: Eoin
Surname: Cowie
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 262855

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Academic background

Eoin studied Chemistry with Biology at Robert Gordon University. He stayed on as a postgraduate researcher and worked on methods for the measurement of pesticides in river water.

He moved to the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health where he investigated enzyme supplementation of feeds and developed an interest in carbohydrates. For his PhD, he combined this interest with a passion for microbiology by researching exopolysaccharides at Oxford Brookes University and Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland.

He returned to the University as a lecturer and he maintains his research activities in food microbiology.

Key publications

  1. Cowie, E. N., Harper, J. & Melvin, M. A. L. (1988). The use of SEP-PAK cartridges in trace analysis of phenoxyalkanoic acid herbicides in freshwaters. Aberdeen Letters Ecology 2, 9-10.
  2. Cowie, E. N. & Melvin, M. A. L. (1987). Extraction and estimation of herbicides from freshwaters. In Exhibition on Working For Britain's Future: Research and Development in the Polytechnics. Coventry.