Title: Dr.
First Name: Jennifer (Jen)
Surname: Clarke
Position: Lecturer

Jen trained anthropologist and artistic researcher, and a curator  and research lead for inter- & trans-disciplinary projects. She works as a Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies at Gray’s School of Art, teaching across fine art and design, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, including PhD supervision and examination. Her fieldwork experience and expertise is located geographically primarily in the UK and Japan, where she has worked in Japan since 2003. Jen recently completed an Associate Professor Research Fellowship with the Centre for North East Asian Studies at the University of Tohoku (2022)

Jen has a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Aberdeen (about art and forests), and PG degrees in Artistic Research, Visual Anthropology and Cultural Politics as well as a background in Literature and Theatre studies.

Her research interests and practices include contemporary art practice, visual methodologies, material and digital cultures, often addressing urgent ecological issues from a feminist perspective. Jen is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK), and act as External Examiner, and AHRC reviewer. She currently co-convenes the European Association of Social Anthropology ANTART (Anthropology and the Arts) Network (2020-2022). Jen is also Chair of the Board of the Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

Jen teaches, leads projects, and publishes on the subjects of gender and feminisms, socially engaged art and transdisciplinary research, and ecology – forests and futures in particular.

Duties and Responsibilities

Jen’s main duties include teaching and assessment for Critical and Contextual Studies (CCS).

She is the Critical and Contextual Studies Coordinator for all Stage 3 Fine Art and Design, supervises and support Stage 4 Dissertation, teaches and supervises on the MA Programme, and PhD.

She is External Examiner for ECA, and acts and internal and external PhD Examiner.

She is eager to supervise PhD projects related to her research interests and encourages potential candidates to contact her.

Academic Background

  • 2020-21 Advanced Masters in Artistic Research magna cum laude (great distinction)  Sint Lucas School of Art and Design, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2013-2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 'Knowing from the Inside: Art, Anthropology, Architecture and Design', a large ERC funded project led by Professor Tim Ingold.
  • 2015 PhD. 'Working Between Art and Forestry, Towards an Ecology of Practices' ESRC and FC funded PhD, at the University of Aberdeen, supervised by Tim Ingold and Jo Vergunst.
  • 2008-2009 ESRC Masters by Research in Social Anthropology, Ethnology & Cultural History, University of Aberdeen (year 1 of 3+1 PhD).
  • 2005-2007 PG Masters Visual Anthropology and Cultural Politics (with First Class Distinction), Goldsmiths College, University of London.
  • 1997-2003 MA (UG Hons). English Literature, Glasgow University (studied English Literature,  English Language, Theatre Studies, History of Architecture, Economics)

Research Interests

Socially engaged art and transdisciplinary research, gender and feminisms, in theory and action research, contemporary art practices, including collaborative film-making and experimental participatory practices, ecology and environmental research, specifically forests and forest futures.

Jen's work is inter- and trans-disciplinary, investigating relationships between research and practice across contemporary art and social and ecological research. She works at the interstices of art practice, anthropology and ecology, through philosophy/theory, understood as ethical praxes.  Jen often works collaboratively, with socially engaged/ participatory art, with dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, and other artists and researchers, to create installations, performances, and residency and public, work, which aims to provoke reflection and conversation as well as written and visual research outputs.

Recent and ongoing research extends her exploration of the role of art in relation to diverse understandings of  ecological disaster, specifically in relation to Japan’s 3.11 event. orking through residencies and experimental exhibition making (in Japan, Taiwan and the UK). Jen has been concerned with providing alternatives to  dominant, distancing images and discourses, asking: how might converging modes of knowledge production in art practice and art-anthropology reconfigure these things?

Current Research

Recent Art Projects

Conferences & Invited Talks

  • July 2022 EASST (European Association of Science and Technology) The politics of technoscientific futures: Convenor: “The forests within and the brains without: alternative heuristics of the Anthropocene”
  • July 2022 EASA Panel Convenor P072: Hopeful chronopolitics: contemporary art and ethnography ; & Discussant P165: Engaging with aesthetic forms: Approaching the sociopolitical embedding and agency of arts [AntArt network].
  • Feb. 2022 ‘On Feminist Hospitalities, Para-sites and Paragogies’ Art & Care (Cambridge School of Art & Drew University (US) Care Ethics.
  • Dec. 2021 Research Seminar, University of Oxford, Visual Anthropology and material culture: An anthropologist in an art school: Anthropology, art and transdisciplinarity
  • April 2021 Academic Paper: ‘Feminist Hospitalities’ ASA (Association Social Anthropology) Conference, Online, April 2021.
  • July 2020 Academic Paper: ‘Polydisciplinamory’?: research-creation and theorypractice between art and anthropology. EASA (European Association Social Anthropology) International Conference; online.
  • July 2020 Panel Convenor, Anthropology and Art: On the Dynamics and Polemics of situating definitions of ‘art’. EASA (European Association Social Anthropology) International Conference; ANTART Network Affiliated (Network Convenor); online.
  • Mar. 2020 Invited Talk: Academic Boundaries at Work Univ. of Leicester.UK (cancelled due to covid)
  • Feb. 2020 Invited Talk: Digital Japan Conference, Univ. of Sheffield, UK: ‘Anarchival bodies, Para-digital Modes and Trans-disciplinary Research-Creation’
  • Feb. 2020 AHRC funded Network Workshop Creative Landscape Futures led by Dr. Jo Vergunst, University of Aberdeen; facilitating Ethics, Equality, Participation
  • Oct. 2019 Invited Presentation, ESRC Network on Coastal Ecologies, University of Tohoku, Sendai, Japan: Art and Scottish Coastal Ecologies
  • Oct.2019 Presentation: ‘Feminist Hospitalities’ Gray's Research Conference
  • May 2019 The Poetics of the Commons, Sheffield University, Panel Chair
  • Oct.2018 Conference Presentation: 'Implications of Feminist New Materialism' Gray's School of Art Research Conference
  • Sept. 2018 Invited Lecture and Exhibition of art work: 'Digital Japan Festival', Sainsbury Institute for the study of Japanese Arts and Culture, Norwich, UK, 21 Sept.
  • Sept. 2018 Conference Presentation: 'Embodied Ecologies' at the University of Oxford, Association of Social Anthropology (UK and Commonwealth) 19 Sept.
  • June 2018 Convenor: RAI Conference Art Materiality and Representation, the British Museum and SOAS, London, 1-4 June. Co-convenor for panel ‘Bodies of Archives, Archival Bodies’
  • June 2018 Discussant :RAI Conference Art Materiality and Representation, the British Museum and SOAS, London, 1-4 June. Invited Discussant ‘Failure in Art and Anthropology’ Convened by Dr. Alana Jelinek.
  • March 2018 Invited Talk: 'Nuclear Ontologies' Dept. of Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh, Invited public lecture.
  • Dec. 2017 Conference Presentation: ‘Gestural Traces: interrelationships of drawing, body, space and place’ at University of Coventry Dance Studies Centre
  • Sept. 2017 Conference Presentation: 'Invisible Matters' at Art and Presence International conference on art, atmosphere, museums, and presence. University of Southern Denmark/ Faaborg Museum, September 15-16
  • June 2017 Presentation/ Performance: University of Sussex, Brighton, UK: With Claire Vionnet, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • May 2017 Exhibition Talk and interview with artist and Curator Alana Jelinek, about my exhibition, ‘Palimpsests and Remmants’ Anatomy Rooms, Aberdeen
  • Feb. 2017 Presentation: ‘Apocalyptic sublimes: material traces of disaster’. Connecting Materialities / Material Connectivities International Symposium at the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), LMU Munich

Conference Organisation, Network Participation

  • 2020-2022 EASA ANTART (Anthropology and the Arts) Network Co-Convenor
  • 2020-22 AHRC funded Creative Landscape Futures Network, University of Aberdeen/ UHI, led by Dr. Jo Vergunst and Anne Bevan.
  • 2019 ERSC funded Network Coastal Ecologies (Scotland and Japan), PI Prof. David Anderson and Prof. Takakura
  • 2015  Co-Organiser ‘Beyond Perception’ International Conference, Uni. of Aberdeen
  • 2013-2018 ERC funded ‘Knowing from the Inside: Art, Architeture, Anthropology & Design’. University of Aberdeen, PI Prof. Tim Ingold.
  • 2009-2010 ‘Designing Environments for Life’ Institute for Advanced Studies


  • Reviewer, Journal of Artistic Research
  • Invited Reviewer for Arts and Humanities Research Council UK (AHRC) 2019


  • UKRI ‘Treescapes’  ‘Agro-Forestry Futures’ RGU PI for AHRC, in collaboration with Newcastle, Southampton, and Reading Universities and other partners including Forest Research. 2022-2024.
  • CNEAS (Centre for Northeast Asian Studies) University of Tohoku, Associate Professor Research Fellowship, 2022
  • Kawamura Socially Engaged Art Award, Japan for ‘???? [Voicing Care] 2021
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow on the European Research Council (ERC) Grant “Knowing from the Inside: Anthropology, Art, Architecture and Design 20130-2016

Professional Memberships

  • RGU Women’s Network Steering Group (2020- present)
  • European Association of Social Anthropology Member (EASA)
  • Convenor of the EASA ANTART (Anthropology and the Arts) Network 2020-2022
  • Ordinary Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, London
  • Member of Association of Social Anthropology (ASA)

External / Professional Roles


Edited Special Journal Issues & Books

  • 2020 Battaglia, B., Clarke, J. And Siegenthaler, F. Bodies of Archives/Archival Bodies: An Introduction. Visual Anthropology Review [Online], 36(1), Pages 8-16. Available from: Https://Doi.Org/10.1111/Var.12203
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Academic Articles In Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 2021 ‘Archiving and imagination in an intertidal zone’ Roadsides e-journal Collection 005: The Archive. Edited by Alessandro Rippa, April. Open Access.
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  • 2012 Clarke, J.& Foster, K. 2012.  ‘Field drawing and dialogue as a form of making knowledge’. TRACEY, Journal of Drawing and Visualisation Research

Academic Book Chapters, Critical And Creative Writing

  • 2023- Forthcoming Chapter in ‘the Trouble with art’ edited by Roger Sansi and Jonas Tinius, Routledge.
  • 2022 ‘The Introduction of a Parasite in a system is equivalent to the Introduction of a Noise’, TYPP, St Lucas, Antwerp, May.
  • 2021 Sono Mama: What goes without saying, right up until now?’ In The Roland Barthes Reading Group: Setting A Bell Ringing. Publisher MA Biblioteque.
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  • 2017 Plant matter: 'A play of forces'; after translating entropy. In Harkness, R. (ed.) An unfinished compendium of materials. Aberdeen: University of Aberdeen [online], pages 85-88. Available from: https://knowingfromthei...rg/files/unfinished.pdf

MA and PhD Research Supervision

Jen is interested in supervising dissertations on a wide range of topics including: socially engaged and participatory art, environmental or ecological art and design, installation art, gender and feminist theory. She has a working practice and interest in the relationships between photography and film, print and drawing, and (more recently) painting, and is open to practice and process led research. As Jen has lived and worked in Japan, Taiwan, and Finland as well as the UK, she has experience and interest in cross-cultural artistic and anthropological practices, as well as the politics and practice of curating, internationally.