Laura Chalmers
First Name: Laura
Surname: Chalmers
Position: Head of Centre for Collaborative and Interprofessional Practice
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 262917

Laura Chalmers is the Head of the Centre for Collaborative and Interprofessional Practice at Robert Gordon University.  A person-centred practitioner with a background in critical care nursing, Laura is committed to collaborative learning and working with stakeholders and service users in collaborative learning.  An educator for many years following a career in intensive care, she focuses on creating learning spaces for students and educators in clinical, classroom and online settings and is interested in immersive, creative approaches to learning and teaching. Working in close collaboration with individuals and groups has been a continuous and consistent thread throughout her career in both health and education and is committed to collaborative practice, interdisciplinary and interprofessional learning and building communities of practice. She is currently working across the university to facilitate interdisciplinary education to enable students to learn with, from and about each other and their graduate roles in addition to supporting staff in finding ways to collaborate effectively.

Laura is the convenor of the Values Based Practice Interprofessional Education and Practice Network at The Collaborating Centre for Values-based practice in Health and Social Care, St.Catherines College, University of Oxford. The aim of the Network is to explore and develop the two-way relationship between IPE (Interprofessional Education and Practice) and VBP (Values-based Practice). She is a member of the CAIPE board and is active in the Learning and Teaching, National Standard development group and the CAIPE international liaison working groups.

Laura is the Clinical Director for Schwartz Rounds @RGU and has introduced and developed the integration of Schwartz Rounds reflective practice across RGU. Leading initiatives to develop collaborative practice Laura has also introduced the Deliberative Practice Network to RGU, bringing together the student voice in everyday problem-solving approach which balances personal, social and clinical factors in order to support effective, justifiable decisions. Critical thinking, wicked problem solving, collaborative practice and a developing soap box culture are at the heart of Laura’s work.


Poster presentations

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Workshop presentation 

CHALMERS.L., MELDRUM.A. 2018. “Patient Centred- always keep in the mind” Scottish Medical Education Conference. Poster presentation. Edinburgh

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Oral Presentations

CHALMERS,L. 2017. The educational value of a creative pedagogical approach to interprofessional learning using a hearts and minds strategy in first year multi-professional students on their understanding of professional values in health care. September 2017 EIPEN Conference. Interprofessional Practice & Education in Health and Social Care. Lausanne. Switzerland

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Advanced Study Seminar

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CHALMERS.L., 2019. The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Opportunities and challenges for values-based practice and Interprofessional Learning. St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University. Oral presentation and advanced study seminar. Oxford

Public Lecture - June 2018

CHALMERS. L. 2018. Hearts and Minds: Interprofessional learning using live drama to explore professional values. Heidelberg University. Public Lecture. Heidelberg, Germany


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