Valery Burnett
First Name: Valery
Surname: Burnett
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: 01224 263363

In 1990 Valery graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy from Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh and for 20 years worked within the NHS for both Tayside and Grampian regions.

Her clinical roles have spanned several remits including  medical, several care of the elderly settings and  the specialist area of wheelchairs and seating.

Her non-clinical remits include a multi- disciplinary role as Integrated Care Pathways (ICP) Facilitator for NHS Tayside involving service improvement & change management though integrated documentation and latterly as part of the NHS Education for Scotland, Allied Health Professions (AHP) Practice Education Programme where her role as one of the facilitators centred around the development of AHP staff and services via practice education nationally, regionally and specifically across NHS Grampian.

In 2009 Valery was part funded by NHS Grampian and NHS Education for Scotland to undertake her Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice (CPCP) and she continues to develop and utilise her skills in this area with a focus on career coaching.

Since joining the Occupational Therapy team at RGU in October 2010, Valery’s main duties within the BSc Hons Occupational Therapy undergraduate course include:

  • Stage 1 Tutor
  • Inter-professional Education ( IPE) lecturer
  • Occupational Therapy Team Co-ordinator for post graduate continuous professional development (CPD).
  • Module Lead for specific modules as required

Valery has held a Partner post with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as an AHP CPD Standards Assessor since 2009 and is currently working towards her post graduate certificate in Higher Education and Learning.

Teaching Interests

  • Early professional development and continuing professional development
  • Inter professional education
  • Standards for continuous professional development
  • Transition to the work environment
  • Partnership working


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