Simon Burnett
Title: Professor
First Name: Simon
Surname: Burnett
Position: Research Theme Leader
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263884
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Duties and Responsibilities

Professor Simon Burnett is the Research Theme Leader for Information and Communications. He is a Reader and Research Co-ordinator specialising in Information Management.

He also founded the Centre for Knowledge Management (CKM) in 2000, launched in response to the growing importance and development of the knowledge economy. The primary aim of the centre was to assist organisations in unlocking their untapped potential to achieve competitive advantage through the effective management of knowledge. Expertise was drawn from a wide range of experience within learning organisations, gaining an understanding of the way in which information is communicated. And also experience in identifying and measuring competencies and capabilities within organisations, and in offering solutions to more efficient methods of information and knowledge flow. Some of the output at the centre can be seen under CKM Research and Consultancy.

The centre was one of a series of initiatives and developments at Aberdeen Business School reflecting our close ties with the industrial and professional infrastructure at local, national and international levels.

Professor Burnett is currently an Associate Director of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science

External / Professional Roles

  • Subject external examiner (Business Information Systems) and Award Board External for Business programmes, London South Bank University.
  • Keynote Speaker, IT as a Utility – Libraries of the Future: Community Engagement, March 2014, University of Aberdeen, UK.
  • Programme Committee Member, ISIC (2014)
  • Conference Paper Reviewer, IFKAD (2014)
  • Information Development (2012-present), Journal Referee
  • External Reviewer, South Africa National Research Foundation (2011)
  • Journal Referee, IFKAD (2011-present)
  • Journal Referee, KMR&P (2011-present)
  • Committee Member, 6th International Conference on Knowledge Management (2009)
  • Member, Scottish Knowledge Management Network (2009-present)
  • Journal Referee, LIBRI (2006-present)
  • Local committee member, i3 Conference (2009-present)
  • External Examiner, University of the West of Scotland (2008-2013)
  • External Auditor, DSTL Knowledge Services Group (2003)
  • Core member of the CILIP competitiveness and the knowledge based economy policy advisory group (2002)


Publication List (Peer Reviewed)

  • Pedersen, S., Burnett, S., Smith, R. and Grinnall, A. (2014). The impact of the cessation of blogs on others within the police blogosphere. New Technology, Work and Employment. In press.
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  • Brooks-Rooney, A., Burnett, S. and Keogh, W. (1999) Sharing Knowledge of Exceptional Achievements to Accelerate Change and Enhance Competitiveness. SPE Paper No. 56975.

Other Published Works (Editor Reviewed)

  • Burnett, S., Pedersen, S., Smith, R. and O’Neill, A. (2012). Venting, joining and educating: Motivations for knowledge sharing in the UK police blogosphere. Business Information Review, 29(1) pp.57–63
  • Burnett, S., Pedersen, S. and Smith, R. (2012) Storytelling through blogging: a knowledge management and therapeutic tool in policing. SIPR Newsletter, September 2011.
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Conference Papers

  • Burnett, S. Know Who or Know How: Knowledge Contributions in UK Police Blogs. i3, Aberdeen, UK. June, 2013.
  • Burnett, S. The Strategic Role of Knowledge Auditing and Mapping: An Organisational Case Study. IFKAD, Matera, Italy. June 2012.
  • Burnett, S. Explicit to Tacit: the Role of Explicit Knowledge Resources in Technological Innovation in the UK oil and gas industry. i3, Aberdeen, UK. June, 2011.
  • Burnett, S. Telling Stories about Innovations. KMSS02, Sophia Antipolis, France, September 2002.
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  • Burnett, S. Developing New Models and Latest Thinking in the Valuation and Measurement of Intellectual Capital. IKON, Amsterdam, June 1999.