Stewart Brodie
First Name: Stewart
Surname: Brodie
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: 01224 263226


  • BA (Hons) Social Work Distance Learning
  • BA(Hons) Social Work Full Time
  • MSc in Social Work

Main Subject Areas

  • Human Growth and Behaviour
  • Child Care and Protection
  • Social Work in Society
  • Social Work Methods

Admissions tutor BA(Hons) Social Work Full Time

Professional Background

Stewart has been at RGU since 1995. Prior to this he was a Teaching Fellow for 3 years in the Centre for Child Care and Protection Studies at Dundee University. Prior to moving into academic teaching Stewart worked for 16 years in social work practice, mainly in Child Care and Protection, Residential Care, Field Work and Hospital Social Work. Latterly specialising in working with Adolescent Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse. Stewart developed and ran the first long term community based group treatment programme for Adolescent Sexual Offenders in Scotland.

Stewart has completed a variety of post qualifying studies including an MPhil in Child Care and Protection, Advanced Family Therapy Training at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations and Practice Teacher Training. 

External Interests

  • Stewart has lectured extensively on Working with Adolescent and Adult Sexual Offenders
  • Visiting Lecturer 2011 - Present Ohm-Hochschule, Germany
  • Between 2002 and 2005 Stewart was a University External Examiner at the University of Dundee
  • Visiting Lecturer 2000-2003 Hogeschool De Horst, Netherlands
  • Stewart is an approved Form F Foster Carer Assessor and completes several foster care assessments each year
  • Stewart continues to provide teaching to external agencies
  • Stewart provides external staff development consultation

Publications and Conferences

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