Ian Broadbent
Title: Dr
First Name: Ian
Surname: Broadbent
Position: MBA Director
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263809
Linkedin: LinkedIn Icon

Duties and Responsibilities

Ian is a Senior Lecturer and MBA Director. He is the Course Leader for Executive Part-time MBA programmes at Aberdeen Business School, and module coordinator for both strategic Management modules on the MBA and MBA Oil and Gas Management courses. He teaches in the subject areas of strategy and renewable energy management and supervises a number of MSc and MBA consultancy projects and dissertations. He also runs the Business Simulation for MBA students during Leadership Week.

Research Interests

Ian’s research interests include renewable energy industry development and policy, with a particular focus on the offshore renewables industry, where he has completed a number of consultancy projects.

Prior to joining RGU and completing his MBA, Ian spent nine years in the pharmaceuticals industry, where he was a Principal Scientist at Pfizer.


RICORE project.


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