Bassam Bjeirmi profile
Title: Dr
First Name: Bassam
Surname: Bjeirmi
Position: Academic Strategic Lead of Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263704

Bassam has an extensive experience in the development and delivery of training programs for the private and public sectors. His main subject area is construction and generic project management where he has delivered training programs in the UK and overseas for companies including Shell, Sonatrach, and ADNOC in Nigeria, Algeria and the Arabian Gulf respectively. Over the years he has provided consultancy to a number of public and private organizations on project implementation, monitoring, and control. Other areas included the capture of knowledge, its dissemination and its effect on organizational learning.

Research interests, including current research interests

His current research interests include:
Role of Project management in knowledge creation and learning
Client operational style and its effect on the contractor’s ability to innovate
Leaders and learning within organizations,
Project management competencies for the energy sector.

Teaching interests

Before his current role, Bassam had comprehensive tertiary level education experience in the role of tutor, module leader, as well as a researcher. He has considerable experience in supervising research projects both at postgraduate and PhD level and as a referee for a number of industry journals.
Main Teaching areas: Project Management (including project administration, planning & control, leadership and organisational development), Management for the built environment. Standard Forms of Construction Contracts and Construction Procurement


Some of his latest publications include:

  • Bjeirmi, B. (2006) Project Management: Its Role in Enrichment of Knowledge capturing and Learning within Organizations, Sixth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations, Monash University Centre, Prato. Italy 11-14 July 2006
  • Bjeirmi, F.B, Begg, P.D., & Scott, J.R. (2007) ‘Partnering Issues: The Evaluation of Local Authority Adoption of Partnering in Scotland'. Construction Management and Economics 25th Anniversary Conference. 16-18 July 2007
  • Scott, J.R., and Bjeirmi, B.F., (2007). Project Management: Its Role in Enrichment of Knowledge Capturing and Learning within Organizations. The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Vol 6, No 10.