Kaushal profile
First Name: Kaushalkumar
Surname: Bhavsar
Position: Research Fellow in Photonic sensors
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 262390

Professional Body Membership

  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Institute of Physics

Academic Background

  • PhD in Photonics and Nanomaterials from Robert Gordon University, UK
  • MSc in Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronic Devices from University of Surrey, UK
  • BEng in Electronics and Communication from Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, India

Research Interests

Dr Bhavsar is a Research Fellow in Photonic Sensors at School of Engineering, Robert Gordon University working in the area of photonics. He has 11 years of experience in industry and academia combined. He has expertise in optical and electrochemical sensors development and nanomaterials development for various applied research applications. His research involves development of fibre optic sensors, surface plasmon resonance sensors, electrochemical sensors, and synthesis of metal/metal oxide nanomaterials, surface analysis and modifications for various biomedical, environmental-monitoring and oil and gas industry applications. His areas of research interest include photonic sensors for various physical and biological sensing, nanomaterials, spectroscopy, microscopy and optoelectronics.


  • A Novel Microstructured Fibre Optic Probe (Jul-2017 to Jan-2018)
  • Design and development of a novel microstructured fibre optic probe for MRI applications
  • Cassegrain Telescope design for LIBS System (Jun-2017 to Jul-2017)
  • Design optimisation of Schmidt corrector based Cassegrain telescope for remote detection of trace explosives
  • Hybrid Camera (May-2017 to Jun-2017)
  • Develop and perform tests on various optoelectronic components for the hybrid camera
  • Birefringent Nanofibres (Feb-2017 to Apr-2017)
  • Study and characterise nanofibres of birefringent optical properties using microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy
  • A novel hybrid sensor (Feb-2012 to Jun-2016)
  • Development of a novel hybrid sensor was carried out using optical and electrochemical detection techniques on the integrated platform
  • Si nanowire-FETs for flexible electronics (Feb-2011 to Aug-2011)
  • Design and development of the printed Si nanowire-FETs on a solid and flexible substrate using differential roll printing method
  • Computational design of Nanophotonic Structures (Feb-2011 to Apr-2011)
  • Computational design of a quantum well based photonic structure (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) for conventional semiconducting materials and metamaterials


  • K Bhavsar, K E Eseller and R Prabhu, 2017, Design Optimization of Cassegrain Telescope for Remote Explosive Trace Detection, Proc. SPIE 10441, Counterterrorism, Crime Fighting, Forensics, and Surveillance Technologies, 1044103
  • K Bhavsar, E Hurston, G P Joseph and R Prabhu, 2017, Fibre Optic Sensor to Detect Heavy Metal Pollutants in Water Environments, OCEANS17 MTS/IEEE, Aberdeen, UK, Jun 19-22, 2017
  • J Johny, T Smith, K Bhavsar and R Prabhu, Design of optical fibre based highly sensitive acoustic sensor for underwater applications, OCEANS17 MTS/IEEE, Aberdeen, UK, Jun 19-22, 2017
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  • B C Mathews, T M Libish, K Bhavsar, V Viswambaran, R Prabhu and P Radhakrishnan, 2016, A fiber optic biosensor for the detection of cholesterol levels based on chitosan coated long period grating, Optoelectronics Letters (12), 23
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